No, Cynthia, I will not help you

Have I told you lately how much I despise scammers?  I especially dislike those who claim to have an illness, ill child, or military affiliation.  Our men and women in uniform have it hard enough without having to clear their names if a scammer steals their info.

From:  Cynthia Ivy May (

Subject:  Greetings!

Dear Sir/Madam,


I hope this email finds you well. I am Sgt. Cynthia Ivy May (US Army) on
Active Duty in Sana, Yemen (Middle East, Asia) and I have a profitable
business proposal for you. There is no risk and it is easy. I will be
sending my identification subsequently. If you are interested, get back to
me for briefs and procedures.


Sgt. Cynthia Ivy May

Her ‘business proposal’ likely involves moving a large sum of money via wire transfer.  Avoid and spread the word.  Don’t let anyone who care for fall for it.

Be well.



Devin, try again! Another day, another scam.

So much, spam, so little time.  Let me know if you haven’t seen this one before.  It’s a new contact person with the same old ‘we hope your greed or desperation makes you contact us’ kind of thing.

From:  Devin Stoutenborough (

Subject:  (none)

Good day to you,
I am a banker with China Guangfa Bank. I am sincerely Sorry for bugging into your privacy, it’s due to a business deal, l am the Chief Risk Officer and Executive Director of China Guangfa Bank in Hong Kong. I want to present you as the owner of 49.5 million US dollars In my bank since i am the only one aware of the funds due to my investigations. Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out. I need you to signify your interest by replying to this email:
James Morrow.

Benefit of doubt my butt.  James, Devin, or whoever you are, you’re scum.

Be safe and smart, people.


Fraudulent job invitation from General Transnational Shipper

One of the more time-consuming activities of a job hunt is research into every lead or invitation for an interview.  I see it as time well-spent, especially when the potential employer is actually a scam artist.  Any job offer or invitation from General Transnational Shipper is a scam.


From:  (

Subject:  Job opening_ID _(E326KNQQE5)…

Hello !

Please, have look at the following offer.

General Transnational Shipper inc has opened the position of a delivery employee. In case you have received this letter, that implies the online recruiting department managers have seen your resume on the web, because our recruitment department is searching for nominees on the web.

General Transnational Shipper inc is a European company which is situated in Poland (Warsaw). This firm is engaged in retail trade and forwarding of various goods (mostly modern electronics equipment) and realizing it to European customers. We have been rather prosperous in this business since 2005.

Your obligations will consist of receiving items and sending them off via United States Postal Service and many other agencies.

You do not have to put in any money from your pocket. The salary rate is $1,500 monthly minimum amount and it is derived from every task rate with unlimited peak.

The requirements will be the following:

– aged 18 years old minimum
– be located at designated address on a regular basis
– a computer equipped with the Internet option
– have daytime contact dial number.

You do not need to have any additional room for storing the items.

This letter will be regarded as a formal job invitation and it does not include any strange activities.

In case you are interested, please write us via email :


No good ever come from accepting a job offer like this.  You will receive stolen merchandise from a stranger to ship to another stranger.  J.P Morgan Chase just reported a major security breach and some of the merchandise you’d ship may be purchased with this stolen cash.  It’s not worth the potential mail fraud and receipt of stolen merchandise charges you could face if you went for the easy money.

Be safe and smart.


It’s been a while, eh? Holiday season, last few weeks of school, pain, and projects are harshing my mellow. But no fear, I’m getting things back under control and will be back with you regularly starting now.

How is your schedule so far?