LJWAH/DKJobs/TypeVirtual USA/Ezay is at it again

Thanks to SubBully for the heads up on this one.

Once again this scammer is making the rounds on Craigslist posting ads for a Quality Assurance Agent.  They require applicants to subscribe to a service called RingCentral before they will be considered.  And what’s worse is that there is no job with this company.  They advertise jobs but only in order to sell access to their job lists.

In addition to using a false name and pretense in order to lure people in, they still operate Type Virtual USA aka Ezay, another ‘typing job’ scam.

Make a note of these people.  Report them to the site administrator of whatever site they advertised on.   Share their name with everyone you know.  The more we share, the sooner they will be slink away.

Be safe.

New site: Resources for Work at Home Moms

I’ve found another place to network with WAHMS – Moms United in Business.  Yes, this one is strictly for the wahms, sorry WAHDs.   Support, marketing ideas, humor, and other wahms trying to balace the family and business schedules while trying to remain sane.   There are plenty of advertising opportunities to be found and happily little to no spam scattered about.  Another plus to the community is the number of resources to be found.  As if MUIB wasn’t enough on its own, a separate site full of resources has been launched – and they’re celebrating!

Enter the Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza, sponsored by Moms United in Business LLC, http://www.momsunitedinbusiness.com celebrating the launch of Resources for Work at Home Moms, http://resourcesforworkathomemoms.com! Come celebrate with us, and enter for your chance to win an awesome prize package, just in time for the holidays! Over $800.00 in prizes! You will NOT want to miss this! Enter at http://tinyurl.com/5b7hvm

When you swing by MUIB, stop by and say hello   – http://www.momsunitedinbusiness.com/profile/sherriet

Hope to see you there!