Fake ADP and Chase Alerts

I am popular this week. More lottery winnings, messages from potential love matches, and invites to
cam shows than I could ever ask for. Really. Just stop. Naomi, Caroline, and Friend Japan – happily married here and not looking. Not even curious.

The messages that really interested me this week are about money.  The potential of a breached account is nothing new to me.  I was one of the millions who had to get a new debit card after the TJ Maxx incident in 2007 and have concerns now about Barnes and Noble’s hack.  No stores in my area are listed as targets, but I’m waiting to see what happens.   No, my ‘scares’ this week involve my ADP and Chase accounts – I have neither. 

From: ADP Alert (01A412B4@georgshof.de)

Subject: Transaction Report(s)

Your Transaction Report(s) have been uploaded to the web site:

https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Note: Looks legit, but that’s not the real ADP login)

Please note that your bank account will be debited within one banking
business day for the amount(s) shown on the report(s).

Please do not respond or reply to this automated e-mail. If you have any
questions or comments, please Contact your ADP Benefits Specialist.

Thank You, 
ADP Benefit Services

scamFRAUDalert Reports and Luckiest Dude in the World posted warnings as well.

The second ADP message came from ADPClientServices (ADPClientServices@adp.com) with the subject line “ADP Urgent Notification.” Same email content, same fake link. They’re dialing it in.

The Chase message was interesting in itself. See, the scammer didn’t try hard at all.

From: Chase.Alert 6EAAD0DE6@bacaredwinecpa.com
Subject: Credit card report

This is an Alert to help you manage your credit card account.

As you requested, we are notifying you of any charges over the amount of ($USD) 200.00, as specified in 
your Alert settings. A charge of ($USD) 871.65 at UNKNOWN has been authorized on Wed, 10 Oct 2012 19:31:24 -0430.

Do not reply to this Alert.

If you have questions, please call the number on the back of your credit card, or send a secure message from your Inbox on http://XXXXXXXXX (Note: another fake URL that looks legit)

To see all of the Alerts available to you, or to manage your Alert settings, please log on to http://www.Chase.com. (Note:  Sometimes scammers use the real institution’s url to instill a false sense of security and others they still point to their fake link.) 

The real message behind these typs of emails?  Log in using our link so we can stal your info and really steal your money.  I say no thanks. I’d rather spend it myself. From my own account. Everyone should know by now to type in the bank’s URL separately before logging in. No clicking links from emails or copying and pasting email links. That’s where the danger is.

I’ll have more goodies to share next time. The holidays are around the corner, so the Ebay and Paypal scammers are coming out of the woodwork.


Nice part time gig available for residents in Baton Rouge or New Orleans. If you like people and love natural bath and beauty, this is for you.

Noir Naturals

The holiday trade show and festival season is in full swing.  Our schedule is full and we could use a little help.  We need one or two Product Demonstrators to work with us at trade and gift shows.

The Demonstrator is needed for 3 or 4 days depending on the event, for 8 hours each day.  We have 2 Baton Rouge events in October and December, and 1 in New Orleans in November.  Training is required and paid. Demonstrators are paid $100 per day.

Interested?  To apply for this position, please submit your current resume and head shot to Everyl@NoirNaturals.com for consideration.  Noir Naturals is an equal opportunity employer.

For more information about this position and our products, visit us at NoirNaturals.com.

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I am a social media addict

Well, not completely addicted.  I can survive a day or two without checking in.  Really, I can.  Hubs and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend and I spent very little time online.  It was nice, but I was ready to get back into my routine on Monday.

I work and play in social media and have a ball.  I blog for fun (here, SparkPeople, and This WAHM is Getting Healthier) and work (for clients and as part of the review team at Two Classy Chics).  I have a personal Facebook page and an Examiner fan page.  I tweet and am all about Pinterest.  I play on Google+, too, and just started stumbling.    Seems like a lot, eh?  It is, but it’s not just fun.  If I wasn’t paid to play, I might not play as much.  Maybe.

Are you an addict or just a fan?

Possibly overdue clarification – I do not have funds to share

A rush of comments and messages I’ve received in the past week requires a response.

I am a mother, wife, telecommuting independent contractor and business owner.   I am not offering rewards, grants, or an inheritance to anyone reading this blog or sending me messages.  What I do is share the garbage I receive and explain why such messages and offers are garbage.    Maybe I’ve been unclear and that led to confusion; I’m not sure.

What I know without a doubt is that I have been on the victim side of scams and do not wish that on anyone.  That’s why I share.

This concludes today’s clarification.   Later this week we’ll get back to the usual grind.  Or not.   All depends on what I’m feeling.  Until then, be safe and well.



P. S.  I will not approve comments from Finally Funded or anyone with a name, email address, or comments that resemble the spam messages.  I’m not here to help you find victims.

So many winnings, so little time

I cannot believe my luck!  Here I am, wondering how to bring in more money for fun and frivolous spending when I have multiple notification of big winnings and donations!  Oh happy day!  Yes!  I’m a happy woman!  Well, I would be if any of these were real.  Well, might be happier.

As always, the spelling, grammar, and formats are all theirs.  My notes are italicized.

From: GAZPROM OIL COMPANY (ajcwf9@mst.edu) (He also emailed it to himself and BCC’d me; brilliant!)

Subject: CALL TO CONFIRM NOW!!! (Caps and exclamation point abuse are serious issues with spammers)



Date: 1st October, 2012.

Dear Winner,

You are entitled to $920,000.00 USD in the on-going Gazprom Oil & Gas Poverty Alleviation Program. To apply for your payment, E-mail Mrs. Alizah Mohamed your full Name,Address and Phone Number to gazpromoilgascompany@kimo.com OR Dial +60.164.802.057 for more inquiries on the above message.

Yours truly,

Ms. Yang Ming
If you notice, kimo.com is a common domain for scam emails lately. Be safe and run malware scans just in case after trying to go directly to it. It took me to a Yahoo ‘Page Not Found’ notification. If anything screams legitimate offer, a 404 page does. Eeep!  The link I shared there goes to a Whois search result.  Of course the registrar is hidden.  

From: Allen large (info@mail.com)

Subject: $500,000.00 USD donation to you

$500,000.00 USD donation to you,Contact us via my wife’s personal email for more details (allen.violet.large1962@hotmail.co.uk)

Okay, then. This huge donation just has to be legit. Why else would he want me to contact his wife instead of him?  And a Hotmail account to boot.  Sign me right up!  Not really.


I received this one twice in two days. Does this mean I ‘win’ twice the award?

From: BRITISH PETROLEUM AWARD (service@pina.com.tw)


Your email address emerged as a winner in the British Petroleum Company Award 2012 with the lucky number: 09 14 24 25 42 48 (05).

And as a result you have been granted the lump sum payout of 700,000.00 Great British Pounds. Contact your claims officer: Dr. Harry Peterson on Email: claimsagent@btpetrol.com you are to forward the below details to enable him clear your file for immediate payment:

1. Full Names:…..{}
2. Address:…..{}
3. Age: ……{}
4. Sex:….{}
5. Marital Status: .{}
6. Occupation:…..{}
7. mobile numbers: ….{}
8. Fax number:……{}
9. Country: …..{}
10.Amount won…..()
11.Email address…()

Online Coordinator.

Btpetrol.com is another dead end domain.  The link I’m sharing is another Whois search result.


Apparently I’m big with the Brits. Sigh. I dream.

From: BRITISH WEB LOTTERY PROMO (info@hotmail.com)

Subject: (no subject – I guess to make me more curious?)

Your e-mail address has won a lump sum payout of £800, 000, 00 GBP in the ongoing PROMO contact us with your full details for claims.Mr Douglas Eric, Email: ericmrdouglas@kimo.com, TELL: +447011137510

Additional comments are unnecessary here. 


So did you enjoy the peek into my inbox?  Wasn’t it fun? Deleting them was just as much fun.

Until next time, be safe, keep your malware and antivirus programs up to date, and laugh more.