This WAHM has been busy!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I haven’t posted since July!  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working and taking care of the family.

I’m giving an update and throwing in a Tuesday Toot while I’m at it.

We moved into our first home and have been doing minor makeovers and   tearing up carpet.  Keep in mind that I am not a handy sort of Wahm at all, but DIY Network and HGTV have become favorite television stations and websites.  We discovered fab hardwood floors under the carpet and have been making them pretty.  We’ve also been setting up an office space that is not part of the bedroom! For now we’re set up in a corner of the dining room, but have a better space in mind as we make more changes.

On the scheduling front, school has started, so my schedule will get a little easier to handle.  Yes, school = easier schedule for many reasons.

  • The family is up and out the door before I log in for work
  • I get to work uninterrupted because the kids are not here to make random requests
  • I have a better schedule in general to work around.  All school-related meetings and events are shared with at least a few day’s notice, giving me plenty of time to make changes if need be
  • My work schedule is more flexible.  If I work at 3 am I can get a nap in the afternoon without feeling guilty for doing so
  • I get more sleep, which means I’m a happier, healthier person – and much easier to be around

Again, let me clarify something – being a WAHM does not always mean a happy time with the ultimate in flexible scheduling.  It means that my schedule is more flexible than when I worked outside of the home.  Not every Work at home position will offer the highest degrees of flexibility, so make sure to check on that when interviewing or applying for a position.

Until next time, keep an eye out for spammers and scam artists.  They haven’t slowed down a bit, but I have found fewer scam offers in my inbox.  Maybe calling them out has something to do with it.

Be well, be safe, be blessed!