Shipping scam from sanch_02003

Some scammers don’t even try.  Remember, any job that requires you to receive packages and reship them is not legitimate.

Here’s the full offer for your reading pleasure.  Bear in mind that the email addresses used may be compromised accounts or owned by the scammer.

From:  sanch_o2003 (,,
Subject:  Employment 9864149296337449

Good morning!
We got your profile via Careers job-site.
We are in need of a self-driven worker who will take care of all aspects of day-to-day receiving, delivery and goods handling needs.
Our company deals with the flow of packages by tracking the movement of local and worldwide transportations. Also we are responsible for the shipping details and documents.
First month will be your probationary month.
You will get $40 for the shipped package. After you will earn basic $2,200 plus $20 for the shipped parcel.
Main role conditions:
– Be a citizen or a resident of the USA or have work permit,
– 25 years old or older,
– High School Diploma,
– Negotiation skills.
On this post candidate should be able:
– To operate global delivery services online,
– To accept and forward customers goods,
– To do shipping and receiving schedules,
– To keep the data entry and track down deliveries.
Please write us back to take this post or to have more detailed information!
Thank you
Be safe, people.  Also, make sure you’re up-to-date on any news regarding compromised email accounts.  Your account may belong to scammers now.

Keep those comments coming! I like hearing about your experiences and any feedback you have regarding my posts.



Business deal from Yuan Peng – just another bank scam

When someone approaches me offering to transfer funds from a  deceased family member’s bank account, I smell scam.  Lost and forgotten accounts are real, but you need to find them yourself.  No news report regarding a bank tracking down family members to give them money have ever come across my radar.

Here’s the message from Yuan Peng, complete with the email addresses used.

From:  Yuan Peng (,
Subject:  Re: Important (Business) Deal

I am Mr Yuan Peng, I work as the head of audit within our bank’s account management team. It has come to our attention while in the process to a new digital banking system that a late family member of yours still has an active account within our bank, containing a significant amount of funds. We are bound by law to transfer the funds to any surviving family member as the beneficiary of the deceased account, please respond at your earliest convenience so I can send you the details to get this process in motion.
Best Regards,
Yuan Peng

Notice how there is no name entered in the greeting?  Someone was in a rush to throw the message out there and did not bother to address me by name.  Sloppy.

Be safe out there.  Scammers are busy all year, but seem to ramp up the intensity after the holidays and before school starts when people traditionally need a little extra cash.

Until next time, beware of offers of free money.

Exactly what she said

Honestly, I could not have put this any better than she did.  


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