E. Keith has a Proposal for Me via Leesa Chamberlain

Hmm.  Why would the personal assistant of someone with  Two million dollars to donate have an email address linked to a school district?  Wouldn’t the assistant word directly with her employer and have a different address?


From: Leesha Chamberlain (Leesha.Chamberlain@BossierSchools.Org)

I tried contacting you yesterday about the donation fund setup worth about $2M proposed by Mrs E. Keith. I am her Personal Assistant and I hope that you contact her immediately at her private email address below for more information:
PRIVATE EMAIL: ekeith3@rogers.com
Leesha Chamberlain
PA to Mrs E. Keith


Rogers.com is a Canadian service provider and BossierSchools.org points to a school district in Louisiana.   Telecommuting employers and employees can work from any location, but this distance is questionable with millions involved.

Be safe.

So I’m somehow related to Gaddafi? Another inheritance scam.

Who knew?  I mean, I know it’s a small world and all, but I’m not that desperate.  Try again, Mr. Thomas Lang.


From:  test@cukurova.bel.tr (Istanbul)

Subject:  <<YOUR CONSENT>> (I guess he put it like that to stress importance.  What do you think?)


My name is Mr. Thomas Lang, a Fund Manager with one of the worlds biggest
investment company. I have been the personal Fund Manager to the late Libyan
President Muammar Gaddafi for many years. You may wish to visit the link to
confirm. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct/20/muammar-gaddafi-dies-city-birth)
Total sum of Fifteen Million, Seven Hundred and Forty Five Thousand British
Pounds (15,745,000.00) GBP was invested on behalf of the late president of LIBYA
under a SECRET CODE INVESTMENT where none of his personal information’s was used
for the investment. This was a secret between both of us until his death last
year. Now that former President Muammar Gaddafi is DEAD,i am contacting you for
your partnership so that we can claim the funds as mentioned above. I will
handle all the expenses and will require your assistance in investing the funds
in your country.

Mr. Thomas Lang.


Lang pulls out the stops.  He appeals to the recipient’s need (or greed), provides a link to a news article that legitimizes his message, throws in a little mystery, then offers to make it easier for one to receive the inherited funds.  But this is not ‘Thomas Lang’s’ only scam. He’s been around for years, offering to facilitate transfers for and inheritance or offering positions as finance managers.  He’s based in the UK, India, Istanbul, China, and more.  Unless you know a Thomas Lang personally, steer clear.

Be safe, all.


My heart and head are in the Gulf this week.  Two feet of rain and wind are tearing up the rural areas and my heart breaks for all affected. 

Telecommuting Scams Hurt – I know from experience

The news about Zeek Rewards and Bidify’s shutdowns hurt.  I hurt for the affiliates affected by the move.  While Bidify’s shutdown seems temporary, Zeek’s is not.  CEO Paul Burks of Lexington, NC, decided to settle without admission of wrongdoing and a court appointed receiver went to work on Monday.  While scam business shutdowns are not new, many victims are left without recourse.

I’ve been scammed twice. I was truly scammed – I worked hard and was slowly (or quickly) shut out then considered ineligible for payment because I broke rules or the company just closed.  I worked as a real estate bird dog for Ouii.com (also known as TGN Network).  I found properties for a good price and shared the listings in exchange for a commission on closed sales.  I found a few killer listings and noticed they were posted on the site under another independent contractor’s name.  I pointed this out and was assured it would be corrected.  Suddenly there were notification issues and my contract was terminated.  Turns out I was one in a long line of victims.  Company owner Ari Hinnant has a history of scamming telecommuters and shutting down when things get hot.  It seems she may be still at it.  If you see her name attached to an opportunity, walk away.

Second time I was scammed was as an independent representative with Marlo Quinn.  It started out great – fantastic soaps and candles, quick shipping, and huge potential.  Problems started with an incomplete order.  I was told the soaps were back ordered and would receive them soon.  No soap, no refund.  On the company forums, posts about missing items, long turnaround between orders and deliveries, and other ‘negative’ posts were deleted instead of addressed.  Then suddenly, nothing.  The company shut down without an official word until founder Marcee Townsend gave an interview on Work at Home Moms Talk Radio.  And still no apology to the reps or customers left holding the bag.

When I tell people to be careful and do their homework, I recognize that sometimes opportunities check out until it’s too late.  With Ouii/TGN, I was so excited to find something that I didn’t do enough homework.  With Marlo Quinn, everything checked out until a few months before shut down.  Now I research everything to the nth degree.

I hope sharing helps some of you.  Until next time, be safe.

Zeek and Bidify Shutdowns Affect Thousands

Two multi-level marketing companies shut down this week, leaving many affiliates in the lurch. So many believed in those companies, worked hard to promote them, and are left with nothing but frustration and pain for their trouble.

Zeek Rewards, Zeekler.com, and Rex Venture Group shut down on Friday by the SEC on charges of the companies running an alleged Ponzi scheme. Chief Executive Officer Paul Burks of Lexington, N.C. agreed to settle without admission of wrongdoing. Court-appointed receiver Attorney Kenneth Bell visited Rex Venture Group’s headquarters on Monday and announced the name of the website that will distribute affiliate funds. ZeekRewardsReceiver.com is not currently active, but will activate soon.

Bidify runs a penny auction site some see as a copy of Zeek Rewards’ program. The company saddened by the events and called the shutdown a dark day in MLM. On the Bidify LLC main site and Facebook page, the company announced the shutdown. On Monday, management announced a revised business plan and elimination of daily leadership bonuses and the re-purchase of sample bids. The move is designed to remove the ‘cancer’ of the business plan. Bidify’s shut down is scheduled for 48 hours.

The move by the SEC on Zeek is more justice than a lot of home business scam victims receive.

I’m not the newest Powerball millionaire, but apparently I’ve won something.

I didn’t win anything in the $320 Million drawing, but apparently I have money waiting for me. Again. I think this is the fourth time I’ve received this message. Shameful. Are people still falling for this?

Full text follows, complete with grammatical errors and caps to stress urgency.

From: Sanusi Lamido pay581@hotmail.com

OFFICE +234-8090938095

Dear C.B.N Beneficiary,

In this Year 2012, your payment of $8.3m in CBN is not UNCLAIMED. The Federal Government has threatened to confiscate the funds, but as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, I decided to release the funds to you in CASH PAYMENT for delivery agent to deliver to your residence.

This is to inform you that your delivery agent by name AGENT.PAUL FREDRICK has arrived with your cash consignment box value $8.3 million dollars in USA and he is now on TRANSIT at (Dan Jones Intl Airport Houston TX, USA).

I want you to know that you have 24 hours to call him now with his line (713 )370-1735 and also email him: agentpaul_fredrick@rocketmail.com   please ensures that you follow the instructions of the diplomat to enable him to clear your consignment from the US CUSTOMS and have smooth delivery to your residence. As he has been waiting to hear from you to help him complete this delivery to you today.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE, your $8.3m inheritance funds was loaded into the two trunk box as a consignment, but i did not tell the delivery man AGENT. PAUL FREDRICK about the content of the 2 TRUNK BOX for security purpose. Please do not tell him to avoid running away with your funds. On no account should you let him know about the content of the consignment to avoid greed.

Most importantly, you are advised to send your full data to him, which include your Full Name, Current Residential Address, Direct Cell Number, and A copy of any identity card to verify that you are the right receiver to avoid mistakes. Send it via his above email address once you receive this email to enable him to deliver your cash consignment to your house without any further delay or mistake.

Note; that you must call me as soon as you receive this email for more discursion, my direct line is +234-8090938095. I appreciate your good sympathetic and collaboration, Hope hearing from you swiftly.



OFFICE +234-8090938095

Tracy Armstrong left something for me at the Central Bank of Nigeria

Ah, Nigeria again. It seems it’s Nigeria, China, or Russia for the bigger scams and the US for job scams. Sigh. I really, really wish people would find others ways of making money. Scamming and preying on the weak and desperate is pathetic and shameful.

I say shameful a lot. And it always applies. They should be ashamed, but they’re not.

People, we have be smarter about this. The crooks will keep coming. We have to stop them by turning them in and by not falling for these scams! Tell everyone you know how to avoid them. Make sure they know this isn’t real. Do not send anyone other than an employer a copy of your identification.

Full text with the scammer’s information included. Errors are theirs.

From: CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (fax@osavip.com and cbn_office891@yahoo.com.hk)
Subject: About Your Payment

Central Bank of Nigeria,
Internation Remittance Dept.

 Good Day!!

 there is presently counter claims on your funds by one Mrs.Tracy
 Amstrong, who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead
 and even explained that you entered into an agreement with her,to help
 you in receive your fund.this fund is said to be paid to you by the
 (UN) United kingdom, for compensating you after your Email address was
 retrieved from some scamming convicts. but this Mrs.Tracy
 Amstrong has convinces us that you have already entered an agreement with her to be
 your Next of Kin,that is why we are making this last confirmation before going ahead
 to pay this to Mrs.Tracy Amstrong the fund.

 Here comes the big question Did you sign any deed of assignment in
 favor of ( Mrs.Tracy Amstrong )? There by making her the current
 beneficiary to the sum of 10.2millionusd with the following account
 details:?Mrs.Tracy Amstrong
 bank,address:284 ave FL 18 new york,USA,we shall proceed to issue all
 payments details to the above named person if we do not hear from you
 within the next two working days.

 Respond to the e-mail with immediate effect so that we can be sure of doing the right thing due to
 the hug amount of money involved.

 we shall give you further details on how your fund will be released.
 Respond to this message if you are Alive

 If you are alive then i want you to send me your following details so
 that we can begin processing for the release of your fund:

 1.Full Name:………
 2.Full Address:……
 3.Phone Number:…..
 5.marital status…..
 7.A scan copy of your identification:….

 Your urgent response is required soonest.

 Best Regards
 John Akintola
 Director International
 Remmitance Dept,
 Foreign Operation.

Busy, busy! But the end (of summer) is near.

It’s been crazy this week. School starts next week for the teen boy so we’ve been shopping, cleaning, organizing and the like. Work was scheduled around school prep for the most part and that makes for a fun time. Times like these make me happy to be a telecommuter with a flexible schedule. As long as my work is completed before my deadline, all is well.

The biggest time suck this week? Travel. Travel included several trips around town to fetch groceries, supplies, and to shuttle teen boy to various last minute summer hurrah get togethers. He’s a social kid and that makes us happy. Yes, I’m smiling as I write this. Thankfully, the start of school will change our schedules for the calmer. Not better, just different. The school year makes it easier for me to stick to schedule as well. And I look forward to it.

Are you ready for the start of the school year?

Already Spoken For and Not Interested in This Proposal

I just watched The Proposal again the other day, so this subject line caught my eye. I knew from the subject it had to be a scam, but I couldn’t resist reading it.

From: Christensen, Heather (Heather_Christensen@mail.msj.edu)
Subject: Proposal

I am sorry for intruding into your privacy, I am Jimmy Bishop (Mr). an auditor
and head of computing department of Metro Bank here in United Kingdom.i would
like to discuss a deal with you reply me if interested via jim_bishop01@hotmail.com


By the way, the email address belongs to a student at College of Mount St. Joseph. In addition to using someone’s school email, Jim Bishop also uses jim_bishop01@hotmail.com to send his fake proposal.

Sorry, not the proposal I want or am interested in.

Not Gonna Happen, Dr. Le Park. Another Payment Agent Job Scam.

Sigh. They just don’t get it, do they?


From: Chugai theoeldu672@wowway.com

Subject: re: Representative Required

Chugai Inc, We are a corporation that Manufactures healthy sustainable Medical
equipments and more. We Require your assistance as Representative/Payment agent
in your region.please if intrested contact our staff department;

Full Name…
Telephone Number…….
current Occupation…

Send Details.
Click on Reply to Respond Immediately.

Dr Lee Park


Chugai Inc. is an old name making the rounds again and payment agents don’t exist. Ever.

Be safe, all.