1 Million in Bonuses by 3/31/09 – Get your share!

With the Power of 10 incentive, Shaklee expects to pay one million in bonuses by March 31.  Get your share!


Shaklee has been able to grow in each and every recession since 1956. Not many can say or prove that!

Take control of in 2009.

A list of scammers to avoid

I figured I’d make it a little more difficult for the scammers as a new year’s resolution – again.  Here is a list of the most frequently seen crooks from 2008.

*Ace CheckTronics
*Eryx Investment
*Centre Of Job LTD
*Lumen LTD
*Best Trade Solutions
*Transatlantic LTD
*Best Trade Solutions
*Felix Secure
*Decapolis Financial
*js Design

The sites that many of them used then are down, but several other scams follow the same route.  They post a legit-seeming ad and use a legitimate company’s name or contract information as their own.  The job consists of accepting wire transfers or checks and sending the money to the company headquarters. Report any contact from these people or anyone running a similar game and do not send them any information.

*Scout 2007 – Too Spoiled – Good Grades Now – World Voice News – Veriresume

These are all run by the same group of scammers.  These creeps make their opportunity look good. A good salary for the position, standard job requirements, full and part time positions, flexible scheduling, the works.  What they don’t say is that they just want my contact info in their database so they can sell it.

*EFU Limited – Virtual Service Data(VSD) – LJAH – DKJobs – Newman & Miller  Associates

These companies are all operated by the same cooks.  They want you to pay them to learn to post data entry job ads just like the one you answered. Any variation of LJAH – Legit Jobs at Home – should be ignored.   LJAH has been obtaining payment for a list of job leads that are out of date or a variation of their standard scam.

Here’s to shutting down as many of these crooks as possible!

Happy 2009!