Why I currently hate my dogs

Fred (5 month old American Bulldog girl) and Oz (3 year old Boxer boy) are usually my babies.  I do most of the walking, feeding, grooming, and loving.  I’m training Fred (a challenge in itself) and Oz was almost fully trained when he came into the family.

At 6:15 am I decided to take them out while coffee brewed & the family was struggling to awake.  It’s still kind of dark out and cool – unusually cool for this time of year in Charleston.  After a pit stop in their usual spots, the dogs began racing around the playground.  They decided to jointly knock me on my butt.  100-100 pounds of do slammed not my left leg.  I flew off the ground, then landed hard on the ground.

Oh man did I curse.

After a few minutes on the ground, dogs oblivious to my plight, I dragged myself inside & yelled for the evil furbies to follow.  I’ve been drugged ever since.  Drugged and caffeinated.  Walking hurt!  Really hurts.

What am I most annoyed about?  I can’t work out today and might not get to work out tomorrow. Not the way I want to anyway.  Instead of sweating I’ll be sticking with extremely modified yoga.  Maybe.

I’m going to be a grumpy wahm for a day or so.

1 truth, 1 lie – you decide which is which

I went through a windshield in 1986 when an idiot decided to not yield the right of way. I spent 2 days blindfolded after glass was removed from both eyes and my doc beelives the migraines I suffer are a result of the head trauma.

I appeared in a series of instructional videos using the alias Venicia Lakes.  I retired in 2001 when I became engaged.

Tee hee. Guess which is which!

Queen of procrastination when it comes to homework

Yep, procrastination is my favorite pastime when it comes to homework, especially lately.  I just found out that I don’t have to work today after all, and what do I do?  Pop onto CafeMom to check messages & write a journal entry.  I’m a naughty, naughty student.

Procrastination works for me though.  I graduated in December 2006 with a 3.667 GPA am currently rocking a 3.47.  It’s not studying that I blow off, but completing written assignments.  I’ll even get my research done ahead of schedule, but find so many other things to do before I start writing.

I proudly fly my slacker flag!

Hello world! A little about me

It’s been a crazy, busy week  so far.  In addition to pimping my ride and watching naughty my neighbors who were caught on tape, I’ve been earning my degree in 8 days (4 days left, woohoo), working in my pj’s and earning thousands a day, participating in the new, 100% legal  Paypal scheme that Oprah talked about, and enlarging my penis for her pleasure. I’d better get the door — it may be my new free pink Razar or laptop reward for completing a survey. Actually, that’s just a sample of the mail I’ve received this week.  I figured I wouldn’t mention the South African lottery win.
And now for the real intro.  I’m Sherrie, a married wahm of 2 in Charleston, SC.  Throw in a pair of dogs, school (for me), work and a home business, I’m a busy one.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Well,  would rather be loaded and work for the pleasure of it, but that’ll come in time.  When I’m not working I can be found cooking, collecting cookbooks, reading, walking, gaming a bit, and watching tv with the family. Anime, comedies, documentaries, and adventure flicks are in heavy rotation here.  I am a total geek and proud of it.
I work as a tutor/moderator as my ‘day job.’  My business is my baby, and I am a Shaklee Independent Representative and associate distributor of Mia Bella products.  Why direct sales?  Well, I enjoy being around people and would much rather make presentations in small groups in a relaxed setting rather than go back to a retail environment.  I also get to make my own schedule and work around all of the school & club events that I might miss if I worked someone else’s schedule.
I’ve been scammed in the work from home area before and will answer any questions anyone has for me. Scammers irk me to no end and I delight in emptying their pockets by warning people about them.
For now, I must be off.  Those email scams are calling & I feel the need to do some deleting.