Another Money Transfer Assistant Position

Niadeline Lewis (I doubt that’s her real name) has a position for me.  Supposedly she found me through Career Builder and thinks I’m the right one for the job.  Silly, silly scammer.

Here’s a summary of the red flags:
1) The position title changes within the message.  You would think the scammers would get this right by now.

2) The salary is $2,000 a month plus 5% of each payment processed for 2-3 hours of work and education and status do not matter. .

3) Job responsibilities include wiring money to them and having a checking account.

4) Most contact will be via email with occasional phone calls.  This wouldn’t be that much of a big deal except for the fact that this “company” is asking you to hand over your bank account information.

5) Direct quote: “We do not ask any personal information and we run business according to laws of the United States of America.”  Yeah, right as they ask for your banking information.

Ah, they make me giggle.  I’ve forwarded the scam to Career Builder and have included and on my list of addys to ignore.

No matter how tight things get, please do not fall for this.  They will get their money while you are left with the overdraft fees and possible legal ramifications.

Spammity, spam, spam

It’s sad, really, but a fact.  A lot of the scam job posts making the rounds are posted simply for the spammer to pad his/her spam list.  I’ve been deleting more spoofed messages from myself lately than I ever have, and the increase just happened to coincide with the last message I sent to a scammer requesting more information.

Let’s not even get into the spambot blog comments that I’ve been deleting lately.

Don’t worry, spammers, my delete-happy fingers aren’t tired enough to let you in any more than you already are.

Have a great weekend, all.

An interesting one arrived in my inbox today

I know it’s a scam, but it’s different.  Very little information was included in the message, but one of the duties involved meeting students at an international airport and transferring them to a designated address.

As soon as I learn more, I’ll share.