Customer Service Evaluator

Another day, another fake job listing.  Dwain Smith, I see you and I’m not falling for it.

From:  Dwain Smith (
Subject:  part time position !!!

Customer Service Evaluator involves evaluating and commenting on customer service, undetected, in a wide variety of stores. The reports provide business with unbiased reviews from a customer standpoint. This allows businesses to identify problems which might result in unhappy customers and loss of sales. Customer Service Evaluator have a great responsibility and are paid accordingly. As an Observer, you will have a flexible schedule and hours since it is a part time program.

Your commission per task is $200.00. Payment in form of a certified check will be sent to you for each task. This is a legitimate position. If you are genuinely interested in the opening,, please provide your name, address and cell number so that payment for your first task can be mailed out to you.

Please note that you can work from any location in the United States.


Dwain Smith
Recruiting Manager
Century Research LLC
23 East 33rd Street
New York, NY, 10016


There is a Century Research, LLC, but it’s in Secaucus, NJ, not New York.  Certified check scams are old school and used to steal goods, information, or cash from the recipients.  In a job scam, checks are either made out for a larger amount and the recipients instructed to deduct the amount owed and to send the rest to a third party.

Notice Dwain asks for a cell number and not a home phone.  He also offers to send the first task right away without an interview.  This is a red flag.  The rate per task with payment via certified check is a red flag.  A company name with an address that does not match at is a red flag.  Dwain’s email address is not a business address and does not have the  business anywhere within the email; red flag.  There are two titles for the same position, Customer Service Evaluator and Observer – which is it?  Whichever it is, this is another red flag.

Stay Far away from this one.

Money from strangers

Oy.   As much media coverage as these inheritance scams get, they still live, breathe, and multiply. The idea of free money from a generous stranger is appealing and designed to prove that there are good people out there.  The complete strangers who do things like this are not random people sending emails from across the world.

I have six benefactors waiting for my response now.  I figured I’d condense the messages into one post since the short messages are about the same.


From: No name  (

Subject:  Great News To You.

Message from Saudi Arabia Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal for his charity donation and You have been selected as recipient/benefactor for $2.5 Million Dollars from Alwaleed Philanthropic Foundation Grant.for more information contact us.

Best Regards

Ahmad Sadiq Azizi HR


From:  Mr. David (


I am Mr. David Touch,  I am sorry for this interruption. I have no other way to reach you than these way, please accept my apology.I am an account manager to one of our foreign late customer. It is my interest to contact you in respect of this our client who opened a draft account in my bank. It is with good spirit of heart I opened up this great opportunity to you. This deceased client of mine shares almost the same name as yours; He died as a result of heart-related condition on 14 of November 2011.His heart condition was due to the death of all the members of his family in the fukushima earthquake and tsunami disaster on the March 11, 2011 in northeastern Japan where they all lost their lives.

After his death, I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address, but got no reply. He died without making any will. His draft account opened in my bank before his unfortunate death is $28,526,200.00 Dollars Only. I want to present you as the beneficiary of the deceased. I will use my position and influence in our bank to make sure they release this money to you for our mutual sharing. If I wait for days and did not hear from you, I shall look for another person.

Kindly get back to me for more details.

Mr. David Touch


From: hhhhhhhhhhh (

Subject: greetings

I am Capt.Ivan Castro,an officer in US Army, really need your help in assisting me with the safe keeping of two military trunk boxes which has just arrived in USA from Afghanistan. I hope you can be trusted?You will be rewarded handsomely and i will explain further when i get a response from you,

God Bless you

Capt.Ivan Castro


From:  No name (

Subject:  Congrat



And these are the short ones.  All of the messages are lies.  There are or funds, inheritances from secret and previously unknown relatives, and no military officers looking to smuggle funds from Afghanistan.  These people are scum.

Be smart and safe.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Especially if the message lands in your spam folder.

Rare job opportunity scam

Have I told you lately how much I despise spammers?  I do.  I can’t stand how they fill my inbox and occasionally make their way past the spam filters.  I can’t stand how they prey on people looking for something – anything – to help pay the bills.  I think they’re scum and need to be put on blast.

Lately, Digital Binary Options has been blowing up my mailbox.  The latest messages mention a job opportunity that is anything but.

If it’s legitimate, they don’t need to hit my inbox several times a week using different addresses and subject lines.   I received this one this week.  Three times.  I’m editing the link, but the remaining text is theirs, errors and all.

From:  Marketing Department
Subject:  Rare Job Opportunity (


Unfortunately one of our valued team members have recently left our team, this means we have a rare opening

in out corporation.

This position offers a starting salary of $250,500, plus An outstanding benefits package tailored specifically to you.

Learn More Here … (edited)

You do not need any experience or qualifications, only a willingness to learn, a few hours out of your day, and

an internet connection.  Sound like you?

Apply Now!

There is only one space available and it will be filled quickly, so we recommend applying today.




There is NO position anywhere that requires no minimum experience or education level paying $250,000.  That does not happen and is not real.

This scumbag crew sends similar messages from and George at  The business address does not match any known business in Arizona.  Please don’t fall for this one. Share the messages they send with a warning about them.  That’s what I’m doing.

Until next time, be safe and smart, people.

Don’t Put All Your Fibro Eggs in the Government’s Basket

This may be a rant, but Ever So Gently’s rant is on point. Thank you for sharing my thoughts and putting them into words.

Ever So Gently

Mini vent: There’s a support group I belong to, and the vent I need to make isn’t very supportive. :p  Frequently people in this forum complain about the lack of government funding towards Fibromyalgia research. There are frequently petitions that are essentially and literally only “Fibromyalgia Awareness should be important! Get the word out!” and then 8,264 people sign that one while 2,937 more sign one that says, “Make the Government Aware of Fibromyalgia! Make the Government Support Fibromyalgia!” and every single one of them are angry.

The most recent post that tipped my kitten was:


Well… what I WANT to say is:

Don’t rely on the government. If you want funding to go to the right places, to the independent scientists that are invested in the research for Fibromyalgia or Autism or Crohn’s Disease or Alzheimer’s Disease or…

View original post 251 more words

Is it a Project Assistant or Operations Manager position?

Yesterday I shared a fake lead from Fuller Carter and made a note of his laziness in not proofreading his message.  Herrod Carney apparently learned from Carter or maybe is the same scammer using a different name. Tsk, tsk.  Sloppy work is just sloppy work, even if it is is a scam.


From:  Herrod Carney (

Subject:  Job opening : (3632645493)

Vacancy ID: Project Assistant.

Section: Advertising company.

Job Status: Full-Time/Part-Time

Annual income: $70K.

Locality: Across the USA.


We are currently accepting applications for the full-time permanent position of Operations Manager for our Logistics and Warehousing Area of activity.


The work combines overseeing overall coordination of normal projects with the coordination of particular aspects of larger projects under the direction of the Project Manager. The post also involves Proposal Development and Project Execution.

You will be expected to maintain the standards of the project at all times, meeting project targets while fulfilling and superseding client expectations.


– US citizen only.
– 7+ years� work experience.
– Bachelor�s degree or higher.
– A broad understanding of transportation is vital as well as the ability to manage projects across teams. – Strong computer skills with knowledge of basic business software like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
– The successful candidate will also possess competent spoken and written communication skills.

For more information, please reply with your resume.


Notice that the message is almost identical to the one I shared yesterday?   The sender and position titles are different and while part-time is mentioned in the message heading, only full-time is referenced within the message.  It’s another example of a scammer copying and pasting script with minor changes.  Learn to spot these scams and share when you find them.

Be safe.

Fraudulent Operations Supervisor position

Yes, another fake job lead to share.  I share because scammers hope victims and potential victims will stay quiet and not warn others.  I’ll shout their names from the rooftops and share as many times as necessary if it will help someone.

Here’s the message I received in its entirety.


From: Fuller Carter ( (Note:  this is a Yahoo Japan email address)

Subject:  Equal opportunity , (5829012406)

Vacancy ID: Operations Supervisor.

Area of activity: Advertising company.

Job Status: Full-Time/Part-Time

Wage: $70K.

Placement: In every US state.


We are currently accepting applications for the full-time permanent position of Project Administrator for our Engineering Services Department. (Note:  This position has two titles.)


The position combines supervising overall coordination of normal projects with the coordination of particular aspects of larger projects under the direction of the Head of Department. The work also calls for Proposal Development and Project Execution.

You will be expected to maintain the standards of the project at all times, meeting project targets while fulfilling and superseding client expectations.


– US national only.
– 7+ years� work experience.
– Bachelor�s degree or higher.
– A broad understanding of logistics is crucial in addition to the ability to run projects across teams. – Computer literate with knowledge of basic business software like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
– The successful candidate will also possess first rate oral and written communication skills.

If you are interested, please reply with your resume.


‘Fuller Carter’ kept the listing vague enough to seem legitimate and probably changed things up enough to make it seem different from other fraudulent offers.  A Yahoo Japan sendee email address with a Gmail address for responses and the change in position title from Operations Supervisor to Project Administrator within the listing are all huge red flags.

Lazy work, whoever you are.

Simon and his fake shipping job

Oh, Simon.  You think I don’t know about you.  Your name changes, but the game is the same.  You tell me about a part0time job with a great salary and think I’ll forget everything I’ve learned (and am still learning) about scammers.  You tried, though, and that means I’m going to share what you shared with me.


From:  Simon Torres (

Subject:  Find new work , (92571660729)


This message is a request to your resume that we found in CareerBuilder and we would like you to try for our new FREELANCE position.

A state & international team is seeking a part-time shipping/receiving Operator. The job demands working 2-3 hours a day at most on the PC. The job is consistent and the schedule is variable. The position suits those people who can work by themselves.

Job Description: receiving and sending incoming packages, maintaining documents for all shipping & receiving activities, packaging and managing picking up of all outcome goods.
Monthly income is nearly $1,500.

Requirements: 21+ years of age, permanent access to Internet.

When interested please reply with information requested below so as to make sure we have your name and other information correctly.

– Full name:
– Country of residence, State:
– Contact number:

Please note: In the event we do not call you your resume will remain in our system to consider you in future.


Does anyone have permanent access to the Internet?  Nope.

I won’t let scammers keep me from finding the perfect home-based position and neither should you.  Career Builder does attract scammers, but so do other job search sites.  It’s up to us to know the difference between legitimate and fraudulent inquiries.

Good luck and be safe.