Reality bites

There is nothing like hitting a wall hard.  I had a great week going last week until my back flared up.  I took breaks as needed, then had a knee join my back in the pain parade.  The knee pain is new and not backing down.  This is when I usually feel like giving up and eating through the pain.  I don’t have that in my plans.  I have good stuff prepped, fresh and frozen.  I have legal cheats prepped, too.  I have everything I need to help me get through this next few days with little stress or deviation from my plan.

What is it about reality that bites?  I’m not as far along as I’d hoped I was.  But that’s okay.  I kept my head and heart in check just In case something went south.  I prepared for a setback just in case and think I’ll ride it out in a positive way.

I posted in one of my support groups this morning and thought I’d share it here.

Sometimes I forget that my journey is mine. It won’t necessarily be like anyone else’s and I shouldn’t compare myself to others as much as I do.

The thing I remember most now is that I only compete with my former self. Not my younger self from 20 or so year ago, but last year’s me. The me that was afraid of moving more. The me that all but gave up. Every inch I keep off my waist is a victory. Every extra step, every deeper or longer yoga pose, every extra pound I can lift are all victories.

I ramble a little when I need pain meds. I needed this reminder today as I hobble around the house. I see another day of pt instead of training. It’s okay, though. It’s what I need.

Here’s to what you need and want.

Here’s to preparing for the worst and riding through it.

Until next time, peace.



It’s been a while, eh? Holiday season, last few weeks of school, pain, and projects are harshing my mellow. But no fear, I’m getting things back under control and will be back with you regularly starting now.

How is your schedule so far?