More on Lion Collection

Well, they finally returned my request for more information, and it made it even clearer that the ‘company’ is not legit.

According to  Manager Johan Weber, “Lion Collection” Ltd (that’s the way he writes the company name, in quotation marks) has been around since 2000.  The company employs “skilled professionals with a deep knowledge of handicraft business” and created a new position to improve service quality.

When I was first contacted, the position was Customer Support Manager.  Now it’s a Customer Service Manager vacancy.    In addition to the position title change, the salary has increased.  The $2,000 starting salary increases to $,4000 after a month, but there is also an opportunity to earn $8,000 and a % from orders if my successful work results in a promotion to expert consultant.

Crazy salary, eh? And tempting, but here’s the kicker:

“Customer Service Managers communicate with the cleints, too, but this is a superficial communication, not demanding professional knowledge.”

A legal, legitimate position that pays that salary, part-time, that does not require professional knowledge?  Not possible.

A WHOIS search shows that the IP is located in Kiev, has five changes on four name servers, four IP changes on three name servers, and 88 other sites are hosted on this server.  The number of other sites hosted on the server is not as much of concern as the domain creation date – March 20, 2009.  Remember, this is supposedly an established company.

My take on the situation is the scammer sent out several messages regarding the position and only created the domain and built the website after receiving inquiries.  To keep ‘applicants’ in the dark regarding his/her true intentions, the employer keeps position and job duty information to a minimum until  applicant information is received.

It seems all I’d have to do to be hired is agree to the job terms disclosed in the message (there were none) and move on to completing paperwork.

Another one to avoid.

Another Scammer – Lion Collection

These crooks don’t give much detail about the position in the initial email because they want you to fall for it.

$2,000-$4,000 a month part time?  Yeah, that’s legit.

Here are the email addresses and names used:

  • Arlene McCollough <>

Earth Hour is coming – March 28, 2009!

And this Green Biz Mama will be participating, just like last year!

I started living a greener life before it became the thing to do.  I recycle, reduce consumption, walk or take public transportation whenever I can, use my canvas bags, etc.  Before partnering with Shaklee I made a lot of my own household cleaners.

It makes my family a little crazy at times, but they understand why I do what I do and that every bit helps.

So, will you join me this year?  All you have to do is shut off the lights for an hour starting at 8:30 pm your time.

Another payment processing scam: LPA

They just don’t get it, do they?

Hilda Javier 

"You will get: 5% of each completed transaction($7000 - $9000 per week In the 
initial probation period), plus after you prove yourself as being trustworthy "
and productive, these amounts may increase."

Just like the others running this scam, they will send you a check to deposit and ask you to send all but a percentage to  
them via wire transfer.  By the time the check you deposited bounces, they will be gone and you will be out of luck.  

Don't fall for it.

Another payment processing scam

They just don’t stop do they?  Sigh.

This crook found my address on a job search site and claims to have an open accounting position.  In the subject line the salary is listed as $2,500 monthly, but in the email body it is “$2,000 + 5% from each payment processed. ”

Yeah, no red flag there.  Want to see more?  This comes directly from the message this crook sent (the red flags are italicized):

1. This is part time work at home position and can easily combine this vacancy with other work.

2. Your fixed salary is 2000 USD a month + 5% from each payment processed by you.

3. You will receive payments (Direct Bank Deposits and wire transfers) from client within United States and send it by instant payment sistem such as Western Union. You will receive 5% of processed amount.

4. You do not spend your own money and there are no startup fees. All charges for withdrawal or transferring the money will be deducted from the payment.

5. To start work with us you must only have basic checking account at any bank. Your financial information will never be disclosed to third parties.

6. You can work 1-4 hours per day or fulltime.

7. This is not insurance sales position and you don’t need to sell insurance, this is Money Transfer Assistant vacancy.

8. Your education and status don’t matter.

9. We do not ask any personal information and we run business according to laws of the United States of America.

See, this guy thinks that potential targets will focus on the salary and short time requirement and fall for it.  He/she even changes the position title in the message.   See, for a legitimate accounting position, a certain level fo edcation si necesary.  For a ‘money transfer assistant,’ no education is necesary, only a bank account from which he/she can steal from.

It actually gets better from there, believe it or not.  The sucesful candidate will receive the transfer, let the boss know that it was received, then wait 30 days to receive his/her first paycheck.

These are my favorite lines from this fraudulent “job” post:

Note: Actions depicted below, are authorized by Prime Insurance Company, and therefore sustain legitimacy status. Our venerable organization doesn’t condone or incite improper or out of border incentives, which may contradict to federal law.

Guess what Julie Matthews from HR (, Arah Slade (, or whoever you are – we’re on to you.

Be back with new posts soon

It’s been a while, eh?

I’ve been receiving scam job offers, but they’re the same scams posted by supposedly different scammers.  No new lines or anything, just the same old thing.  They’re getting lazy because of the recession and think we’ll fall for anything because of money.

Silly, silly criminals.

Oh, and scammers and sacmmers, don’t try to post comments thinking I won’t realize what you’re doing.  I check the links and read every comment before they post.  I will not let you take advantage of anyone using me. Keep trying if you’d like.  It makes me giggle.