Happy 21st, J!

See this woman?

From Niece of Awesome's birthday party.

From Niece of Awesome’s birthday party.

She is my first born, my woman crush, my gaming buddy, my partner in geekdom, and the first person to teach me about unconditional love.  She makes my heart sing, my eyes tear and twitch, my nerves fray, and my pride meter burst.

Happy 21st birthday, J.  I love you.


Happy birthday, guys!

Happy birthday to my daughter (20 on the 24th), husband (January 26), and baby brother (January 26)!

Photo credit:  Idea go

Photo credit: Idea go

Party on, guys!  Love you all!


It’s an ugly word and an even uglier state.  I read an article and shared it on Facebook yesterday.  Over 300 comments later (some deleted by the poster), I’m not sure some people get it.

An upstate South Carolina soup kitchen denied an atheist group’s request to pass out care packages to the patrons.   It’s well within the soup kitchen’s rights to deny the request, but the director’s comments about it we’re anything but Christian:

“This is a ministry to serve God” she said. “We stand on the principles of God. Do they (atheists) think that our guests are so ignorant that they don’t know what an atheist is? Why are they targeting us? They don’t give any money. I wouldn’t want their money.”

I take issue with her comments and see them as bigoted.  Some agree with me and some disagree.   I understand not wanting an outside group helping in a church-sponsored facility.   I don’t understand why a difference in belief translates into ‘a disservice to the community’ when the groups share a common goal.

Is it a denial based on the myth that atheists only care about themselves?  Is it a superiority thing?  Is it just the old lesson I was taught about not associating with the unequally yoked?  I am honestly asking, not looking for a fight.

Maybe I just expect too much from people in general.  I believe we all are equal.  Our different points of view, ways of life, sizes, and flavors are beautiful.  Anytime we can recognize and celebrate our similarities is beautiful as well.

Happy Anniversary!

11 years.  We got up, took J to school, ran around like crazy, got married, picked J up, then drove to Atlanta for the weekend to pick up R.  We waited until we were all together to tell the kids.  They cheered, we all laughed, and we had a great weekend.  We already considered ourselves a family and I wasn’t sure the piece of paper would mean that much.  The commitment was already there, but there is something about saying those vows.  I get misty thinking about it.

So, honey, here’s to you.  My heart, my rock, my tv buddy, and pillow.  The one who can make me laugh even when I want to strangle him.  The one I cannot imagine my life without.

Love you.  Happy Anniversary.  Here’s to many, many more.

Maybe.  😉

Ultimate blog challenge? Bring it!

Happy October, people! Can you believe 2013 is this close to over? My kids were just babies yesterday! I heard time would start to fly once I hit 25, but wow!

October is a busy month for me and mine.  Hubby and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, his brother and his wife celebrate their anniversary, a couple of family birthdays come this month, a clean eating vegan challenge, new fitness/rehab schedule, and the holidays are coming up.  With all that’s happening, what sane person would jump into another project?  Me, of course.


Expect a few words from me every day his month.  I get the chance to share more about wahm life, scams, managing schedules, and working around the challenges of illness and injury.  And maybe something about The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  My geek is strong and the 2013-14 tv season was apparently meant for me.

For now, I’m off to finish dinner.  The family is having roast chicken.  We’re all having beans, kale, and rice,

Be safe, all.  And hug the loved ones.

Happy Father’s Day!

debspoons photo

debspoons photo

Go hang with your dad, even if it’s just a phone call.

Miss you, Daddy.  Always.

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

Have a fantastic, safe, and happy Independence Day!

Bad blogger. Busy mom. Graduate. And mom of an almost grad.

I’ve been running around madly and neglecting a few things.  This blog, regular exercise, and taking real breaks during the day.  As a result, my weight is standing still (thankfully not going up), my blog is sadly neglected, and I’m tired.

But I graduated.  That’s right, I’m no longer a grad student.  It’s scary.  Instead of focusing on working my school schedule and assignments into the day, I have to ramp up the job and/or client search.  It’s nerve-wracking, but necessary.  What makes it scarier is the realization that my girl will be heading to college soon herself.  I’m going to start crying again!

My baby is 18 now. She’s still my baby and will likely yell about me calling her my baby in a blog post.

Three weeks from now, my girl will walk the aisle and receive her diploma.   This gorgeous girl, my sweet baby, is an adult.  Legally, anyway.  I get it now.  I understand why my mom still calls my brother and me her babies.  She and her brother will always be my babies.

I’ll get back to my regular schedule soon.  After I get in another good cry before she gets in from school.

Until next time, peace.