It’s been a while, eh? Holiday season, last few weeks of school, pain, and projects are harshing my mellow. But no fear, I’m getting things back under control and will be back with you regularly starting now.

How is your schedule so far?

A day in the life

Curious about this telecommuting mom’s daily weekday schedule? It’s less exciting than you’d think.

5:15-5:30 am  crawl out of bed (yeah, right)

5:45 am  really crawl out of bed, scramble around like a crazy woman

5:50 – 6:30 am  make breakfast and lunch for man and boy, kick them out for the day

6:30 – 7:30 am shower, breakfast, coffee

7:30 am – noon work

noon- 1 pm lunch

1-2 pm exercise break

2-4 pm work

After 4, unless I’m swamped or distracted, I play around online for me. Pinterest, blogs, shopping for free e-books, finding recipes, clean, or whatever.  I start on dinner around 5-5:30 pm and from then on it’s family time.

I take stretch breaks while at my desk (because I pay dearly when I don’t) and am interrupted by dogs, the girl, package deliveries, and the occasional random visit.

On that note, don’t drop by without giving me a call first. It makes me a little cranky.

What does your day look like?

A little behind – sick days rule (kinda)

Ok, so I started this blogging challenge and have every intention of getting in 30+ posts in October.  What I didn’t count on is the pain flare from hell.  I’ve been barely moving for two days now.  Sitting hurts, lying hurts, standing is near impossible.  It’s typical for me to hurt a little more a few days each month, but come on! Times like this I’m really glad I have the flex schedule I’ve always wanted.

I work every day, but not a typical 8 hour workday.  I put in 25-40 hours a week depending on what I’m working on, and most days I keep my workload down to 4-6 hours.  When pain kicks in, I cut back.  I am no good to anyone when the pain fog meets pain meds fog.  I’m not sure how this will work outside of home or with a typical schedule.  Thankfully, right now, I don’t have to find out.

On sick days, I work a little via cell.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love technology?  And automation software rules!  I can schedule posts while lucid and not worry about it.  Not worry much, anyway.  I can check email and social media from bed.   My next purchase may be Dragon Naturally Speaking so I can get more done.

As for housework, that’s what kids are for.  🙂  And my pain + med fog makes me more entertaining.  At least I think so.

And now that i’m feeling a little better, it’s time to make up for lost time.   I have a feeling that my to do list will make me consider going back to bed.

So, telecommuters. how do you handle your sick days?

Ultimate blog challenge? Bring it!

Happy October, people! Can you believe 2013 is this close to over? My kids were just babies yesterday! I heard time would start to fly once I hit 25, but wow!

October is a busy month for me and mine.  Hubby and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, his brother and his wife celebrate their anniversary, a couple of family birthdays come this month, a clean eating vegan challenge, new fitness/rehab schedule, and the holidays are coming up.  With all that’s happening, what sane person would jump into another project?  Me, of course.


Expect a few words from me every day his month.  I get the chance to share more about wahm life, scams, managing schedules, and working around the challenges of illness and injury.  And maybe something about The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  My geek is strong and the 2013-14 tv season was apparently meant for me.

For now, I’m off to finish dinner.  The family is having roast chicken.  We’re all having beans, kale, and rice,

Be safe, all.  And hug the loved ones.

Sorry Inspector Michael Campton, I’m on to you!

Seriously?  Gah!  Full text follows.
From: Inspector Michael Campton (training@pesllc.com)



From the book of record, nominated countries like Ghana, Nigeria ,London  
Including some Asia and European countries were short-listed as highest fraud  
rated countries. So therefore you have to report to our investigating Board  to 
monitor all such activities suspected as fraud, scam, drug dealing and any  
other illegal activities. 

Furthermore, your personality is 100% secured and protected by the Federal  
Government and the Cyber-Anti Fraud unit here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
However, your  e-mail was addressed on our researched case-file at the airport 
authority  after a trace tracking payment you made through  bank transfer or 
fake  courier/security company to the above mention countries. 

In addition, barristers have been withdrawn from the Malaysia bar Association  
due to the bad stigma to our country's image. And so far this month 3  security 
companies have been closed down with 126 policemen in custody. 

NOTE: If you are dealing with any transaction lately, take note of their  spoken 
English and E-mail Write-up which is almost of the same caliber, and  report 
here immediately. 

furthermore, the below outline list are for verification purpose. 

1)ACCESS OR DEPOSIT IN SECURITY COMPANY: We need to verify the authenticity  of 
the security company and check on their license before you proceed further. 

2) BANK ACCOUNT: Our major problem with commercial banks and financial  
institution is that they use different means to amass money from foreign  
business associate for transfer. So therefore if you're to undergo such  
process, keep us posted. 

3) AIRPORT AUTHORITY: In this case, if you are entitled to a Consignment and the 
authorities in charge are inposing numerous charges, don't hesitate to  stay in 

4) GHANA OR NIGERIA POLICE FORCE: Any police officer/Legal Practitioner  
rendering assistance in investigating an issue, and as such you have been  
making sorts of payment, you can send down the contact info for investigation  
or arrest. 


We work Hand in hand with the Overall Officials of the FBI Worldwide  including 
the West Africa Police dept. So you are to report here as a matter  of urgency. 

Contact Details; 
Contact Office Mail : michaelcampton032@rogers.com



Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

Have a fantastic, safe, and happy Independence Day!

My weight loss & health improvement progress and a confession

One thing that I’ve noticed about a few of the wahms and sahms that I’ve met is that we’re stressed. We spend a lot of time caring for the family and home while putting ourselves on the back burner. I’ve done it for so long that it feels strange to make time for myself. But it is something I had to do. Something we all have to do.

If we don’t care for ourselves, we will be in no shape to care for anyone else. It might not happen right away. Months may go by before your body gives out. Or your blood pressure become uncontrollable without meds. Or you lose hair, gain weigh, gain wrinkles and gray hairs, and/or make your families crazy.

I knew something had to change when my family started to tiptoe around me more often than not. And when I went shopping for an outfit for my brother’s wedding last December and it took forever to find something that wasn’t matronly. I’m not as big as I used to be, dangit, so I didn’t think it would be so hard. I wore a size 22 top and 18 bottoms. The pictures just about killed me.

In March of this year I decided I was no longer going to board the yo-yo express. I re-embraced my vegetarian way of life and pumped up the exercise. The exercise part was not easy because I’m recovering from a back injury & re-injury (and tend to be an all or nothing kind of woman). I walk, jump on the elliptical, mix in some yoga & pilates, and have added Turbo Jam & Slim Series Express (Slim in 6 part 2). While I still eat more fat and junk than I need, I have made some decent progress.

I started at 238 and am down to 227 (I gained 2 this week, dangit). I’ve lost 7 inches overall (4 on my waist) and reduced my body fat by 5%. I wear a size 18-20 top and 16 bottoms. I’m still off blood pressure and it only goes over 140/90 after coffee or black tea (which Ive cut to 16 oz. max a day – this is huge for this caffeine-addicted, insomniac mama). I was feeling great until Tuesday when my daughter graduated from 8th grade.

My baby’s going to high school! Sniff…. I digress.

After graduation we took a few pics with her friends and and us. I thought I looked pretty good. I was wearing a fab wine colored lace wrap top and a calf-length black skirt. I checked myself several times in the mirror to be sure it looked as good as I felt in it. Well, the pictures say something different. All I saw was the big girl looking even bigger while standing next to my gorgeous daughter. She’s 5’5″ and a size 3/4. We’d made dinner plans with my mother, brother and sister in law, so I put on a happy face when what I really wanted was to cry and scream. None of the progress I’d made mattered, just because of a few pictures.

Wednesday I felt better, but still bleah about it. Every bump and exaggerated curve bothered me. Being bothered by what I see isn’t enough to make me get off track for long. I am tempted, though, but not by sweets or fat. The desire to comfort myself by feeding my sadness is screaming out loud. I’m ignoring my inner demons and enjoying a cup of lemon tea and a big glass of water. I’m concentrating on the next 10 pound goal, not on the supposed quick fix that a sandwich would bring at 1am.

I now I’m not alone in this. There are hundreds of people struggling with those demons right now. And beating them back, eventually freeing themselves completely. I’m ready to be one of the successful ones. Who’s with me?

Tuesday Toot – a little late, lol

But it’s been that kind of week!  School’s almost out for DD, DS is already out, and the house hunt has entered the final stages – we hope.  Throw in surgery for the pup (more on that later) and a vacationing hubby, and WAHM life is even crazier than usual.

This is the Tuesday Toot (Thursday in my case, lol).  Basically I get to toot my own horn and see how other blogging mamas are tooting theirs.  It’s inspiring, and not in a cheesy, Stepford-like way.

Tuesday Toot!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m improving my health and getting back into shape.  Well, I’ve been making awesome progress.  The scale isn’t moving as quickly as I’d like, but I’m down to 225, have lost 2 % body fat, and my endurance is way up.  I’m sleeping better, eating better, and feel better all aound.

Even on my bad days I feel good.  I couldn’t have done with without my hubby’s support & my girls – Lisa, Elizabeth, Carrie, Heather, Eboni, Char, & my CafeMom goddesses! All of my girls are online buddies, but are just as inspiring as if they were working out next to me or chatting over coffee.

Eboni says it’s not weight loss, but weight removal and I’m going to use that phrase from now on.  If you lose something it could come back, but once removed, it’s gone.

Have a fab Thursday and remember to always find something to toot your own horn about!

There is a lot happening with this WAHM during Women’s Health Week!

As usual, your friendly neighborhood insomniac workaholic wahm is busy. For once classes are not a part of the routine, but that will change in a couple of weeks.
It’s vet time for the dogs, my babies and my mom’s sweetheart, Rosie. That’s going to be a fun couple of days I tell ya. Meetings galore for my daughter this and over the next few weeks since she’ll be leaving middle school and headed to high. Sniff. My baby’s not a baby anymore – she’s a moody, angst-filled, Goddess! It had to happen. Can’t keep ’em frozen in time.
All week I’ll be participating in MommyFest, but then again I’ve told you that. I’ve been enjoying it so far. It’s been good to see what the other blogging moms are up to, what their businesses, work, and lives are like…and to see that I’m not the only one chatting away in cyberspace.

On the health front, I’ve been challenged! I’m a Skinny Bitch wannabe and so are the girls plodding away with me. Most are vegetarians and all are trying to cut down and out the crap we’ve been eating. I’m also pushing play every day with a mix of walking, Slim Series Express (a Slim in 6 follow-up) and Turbo Jam, and Pilates – yep, another challenge. I’ve been successfully released from my third round of physical therapy and am cleared to do most exercise. As much as I’d like to hit Turbo Jam daily, I have to skip a day or two between those workouts. I’d rather see the slow steady changes in my body than end up on my back again because I tried too much too soon.

I’m also taking part in the WOMAN Challenge sponsored by the US Department of Health & Human Services. When I complete the 8 week challenge I’ll get a nifty certificate mailed to me and the satisfaction of reaching my goals. (Thanks Heather for turning me on to this! I’m headed cross country – you?) It’s free and there’s something about a challenge that gets me going!

WOMAN Challenge 08

If you decide to join and want to team up, just give me a shout. Our daughters can participate, too.

Speaking of health, did you know it was Women’s Health Week? Come on ladies, let’s get it in gear! Let’s get to know our bodies so well that we know when something is wrong. Check your blood pressure. Make note of your headaches and see what triggers them. Know your cholesterol & triglyceride numbers. Check those boobies monthly.

There’s another challenge for me this week. Well, it’s an everyday thing: make sure my loved ones know I love them. They always need to know. And if you’re in the middle of a disagreement, it makes you look like the bigger person when you express your love. 🙂

Until tomorrow!

Why I currently hate my dogs

Fred (5 month old American Bulldog girl) and Oz (3 year old Boxer boy) are usually my babies.  I do most of the walking, feeding, grooming, and loving.  I’m training Fred (a challenge in itself) and Oz was almost fully trained when he came into the family.

At 6:15 am I decided to take them out while coffee brewed & the family was struggling to awake.  It’s still kind of dark out and cool – unusually cool for this time of year in Charleston.  After a pit stop in their usual spots, the dogs began racing around the playground.  They decided to jointly knock me on my butt.  100-100 pounds of do slammed not my left leg.  I flew off the ground, then landed hard on the ground.

Oh man did I curse.

After a few minutes on the ground, dogs oblivious to my plight, I dragged myself inside & yelled for the evil furbies to follow.  I’ve been drugged ever since.  Drugged and caffeinated.  Walking hurt!  Really hurts.

What am I most annoyed about?  I can’t work out today and might not get to work out tomorrow. Not the way I want to anyway.  Instead of sweating I’ll be sticking with extremely modified yoga.  Maybe.

I’m going to be a grumpy wahm for a day or so.