Scams Abound Offline, Too

In this day and age, it’s easy to forget that scammers operate offline, too.  Classified ads spouting garbage ‘jobs’, chain letters, and bogus business opportunities can be found in the mail and in classified ads.

Remember the chain letter?    It’s an old scam, and had been all but replaced by the online version.   I received one in the  mail a few days ago and it made me giggle.   I was chosen by Ken Whatshisname to receive information about this business opportunity.  I could earn $25 minimum every time a recruit contacted me on his/her own, and unlimited earnings thereafter.  All I had to do was send him $25 and an additional $100 in 10  stamped and addressed envelopes for others on the list ($10 each for members of his ‘upline’).  Ken stressed that this was a limited time opportunity and that if I responded within 48 hours, he would guarantee my earnings. And did I mention that I was to send carefully concealed cash and there would be no refunds?

Yeah, right.  In all likelihood, Ken (or whoever it is) would pocket the entire $125 and I would be left wondering what went wrong.

While the letter itself made me laugh, but the  idea that someone or a group of someones fell for this makes my heart ache. Once again it seems a climate of desperation has brought criminals out of the woodwork.  Sadly, it also makes smart people throw caution to the wind.

Be careful, people.  If you have any doubts about the job or business opportunity, do some research.