Happy 21st, J!

See this woman?

From Niece of Awesome's birthday party.

From Niece of Awesome’s birthday party.

She is my first born, my woman crush, my gaming buddy, my partner in geekdom, and the first person to teach me about unconditional love.  She makes my heart sing, my eyes tear and twitch, my nerves fray, and my pride meter burst.

Happy 21st birthday, J.  I love you.

2015 is trying to kill me

You know, I usually look at a new year with excitement and full of wonder.  2015 is not even one month old and I’m already over it.  We’ve lost a family member (rest well, Marie), had ER trips, expensive car repairs, tummy issues, and wonky medication issues.

But, I’m going to look at the positives.  I’ve found my stride in some ways and am focused on the short-term goals instead of making the long game the ‘be all, end all’ of things. The Girl is rocking college like a boss.  The Boy is rocking his junior year like a boss and looking forward to visiting potential colleges.  The Hubs is healing nicely on top of being a fantastic guy.  The dogs are their usual giddy selves.  The kitchen is coming along nicely and I have not injured myself while getting it together.  Netflix and Amazon Prime have killer titles available.  The bad doesn’t outweight the good, but it’s trying.

The year may be trying to kill me, but I won’t let it.