Stupid people who abandon or neglect their pets

Our dogs are all rescued. They had owners who were idiotic, abusive, neglectful, and just plain stupid.

We took Fred in to be spayed yesterday. She’s our American Bulldog pup, a 6 month old, 46 pound bundle of energy and lots of love. She and her brother were abandoned around Christmas near my in-law’s property and we brought her home to keep Oz, our boxer, company. They’re great buddies, ad we would not have her if not for the idiot that dumped her. I suppose I should thank you, but I have a hard time doing that. Those dogs were pups and could have died out there if my in-laws had not been such softies. You and others who just dump their pets suck.

I’m particularly annoyed because I think I know why she and her brother were dumped. We found out yesterday that she has a double cervix and could not breed. Her bro is tiny and most likely was the runt of the litter. These awesome pups were dumped because they could not make their owners any money. Those people just suck! I’d say more, but I want to keep this on the family-friendly side.

Our dearly departed Willow was found at the shelter; she was a neglect case. She was an adult boxer and weighed a whopping 35 pounds and had heartworms when we found her. We fattened her up, treated those worms, and long before she was healthy we realized how lucky we were to have such an amazing dog. She was brilliant, patient with all children, protective, kind, and a total sweetheart. Cancer took her from us, but she knew she was adored for the last 4 years of her life. How anyone could mistreat her was and still is beyond my comprehension.

Oz was also a rescue. He was a 6-8 month old ball of energy when we found him. We were checking the shelter in hopes of finding my brother-in-law’s missing dog and saw this brindle bouncing ball. He was and still is a total nut. We think maybe he escaped one time too many and his owners gave up on him. We found out later that he is terrified of belts (hubby can’t take one off in Oz’s presence without the poor dog yelping before runs and hides), coffee mugs, and completely loses it when we spar. I can’t imagine what kinds of things he went through.

I suppose I should thank the idiots after all. So thank you for being cruel, heartless, idiotic, irresponsible pet owners. Because of you we have been blessed three times.

Tuesday Toot – a little late, lol

But it’s been that kind of week!  School’s almost out for DD, DS is already out, and the house hunt has entered the final stages – we hope.  Throw in surgery for the pup (more on that later) and a vacationing hubby, and WAHM life is even crazier than usual.

This is the Tuesday Toot (Thursday in my case, lol).  Basically I get to toot my own horn and see how other blogging mamas are tooting theirs.  It’s inspiring, and not in a cheesy, Stepford-like way.

Tuesday Toot!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m improving my health and getting back into shape.  Well, I’ve been making awesome progress.  The scale isn’t moving as quickly as I’d like, but I’m down to 225, have lost 2 % body fat, and my endurance is way up.  I’m sleeping better, eating better, and feel better all aound.

Even on my bad days I feel good.  I couldn’t have done with without my hubby’s support & my girls – Lisa, Elizabeth, Carrie, Heather, Eboni, Char, & my CafeMom goddesses! All of my girls are online buddies, but are just as inspiring as if they were working out next to me or chatting over coffee.

Eboni says it’s not weight loss, but weight removal and I’m going to use that phrase from now on.  If you lose something it could come back, but once removed, it’s gone.

Have a fab Thursday and remember to always find something to toot your own horn about!

Playing with my food – 2 kinds of (vegetarian) burgers, Teese, & Sheese

Hey all! I figured that a major cookout occasion would be a good time to share about what I’ve been doing in the kitchen. Yes, Memorial Day is much more than an excuse to fire up the grill, but that is a given. I appreciate all the sacrifices that our enlisted and retired brothers and sisters have done for me and I thank you all.

I am the sole vegetarian in my home, In my extended family, too. Family gatherings usually involve food, mostly old-school, Southern Sunday dinner-type food; not always veggie-friendly. I’ve been doing my part, bringing hearty sides that are mostly vegan, low cholesterol, lower fat, and wickedly delicious. But when it’s time to fire up the grill, this girl needs a little more than side salads and dessert. I’ve always liked burgers and dogs, but wanted to try my own creations instead of always pulling out Boca or Amy’s. I haven’t found a dog recipe, but Yves, Lightlife, and Morningstar Farms have good ones. Tofurkey and Boca sausages are yummy, too. If you’d rather make your own, try Julie Hasson’s Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausages. Oh man these are good! I’ve made them twice now, with beans and with tofu. They hold up to grilling quite nicely and made my omni family smile.

As for my burger recipes, a friend suggested adding a little pecan meal to a meatball recipe for a heartier texture (thanks Heidi) and it works! They were deemed the best ever by the family so I’ve made pecan meal a staple around here. The basic burger recipe makes four good-sized burgers or 16 meatballs.

Combine the dry ingredients and sit aside –

  • 3/4 cup tvp
  • 1/4 cup dry oatmeal
  • 1/4 cup pecan meal
  • parsley, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, & pepper to taste

In a separate bowl, mix

  • 2 T ketchup
  • 1 1/2 T soy sauce
  • 3/4 cup water

Heat until near boiling (about 2 minutes in the microwave), give a quick stir, and pur over dry ingredients.

Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes, then stir in 2 T nutritional yeast. Shape into balls or patties, then cook in a nonstick pan until browned.

They freeze well and are great to keep on hand. I made a double batch, and use one as crumbles to quickly toss into soup, chili, salads, tacos, etc.

I mixed up another batch and made bacon burgers! I added Bacos to the dry mix , added a few drops of liquid smoke to the wet mix, and added 3 T of nutritional yeast. Hubby liked these more than the basic burgers.

I’ve done some shopping, too. I bought some Teese and Sheeze online and am glad I did. They were a little pricey, especially with shipping (about $25 total), but both are really good.

I’ve had Teese on pizza, in a quesadilla, and on a veggie reuben. The Sheeze is cheddar, so I’ve had it in a grilled cheese & with crackers. I haven’t liked any vegan cheese cold and these work. The Teese has a nutty flavor that worked really well on the reuben (starring one of my veggie burgers). The Sheeze reminded me of a crock cheese spread. When I snag some pimientos I’ll make pimiento cheese & let you know how that is, too.

Remember to have fun with your food, this weekend and every day. Be safe, be well, and take care.

A little more about my green life

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been a green mom longer than I’ve been a green biz mom.  I drove my mother crazy with my recycling, vegetarian-leaning, liberal ways, but I’m a better person and mom because of it.  I want to give our Mother as much love as I can and help heal her.  I know my individual efforts are small, but if each of us does our part, we can help.
Recycling is a given – paper, bottles, cans, dryer sheets, clothing – everything we can.  We donate the kids’ (and our) outgrown clothing to Goodwill, have reduced the amount of waste we produce and amount of energy we use, and reuse goodies that we can find.  I have an old console tv body that mom was going to toss and use it as a plant stand.  It means the world to me that my husband and kids are also on board, and that in general the world is becoming a greener place.  Even if it is the trendy thing to do.
Let’s go back to the beginning.  I was born at 11:59 pm on March 30, 1069…Too far back?  K.
When I was 12-13 I told my mom I wanted to be a vegetarian.  She said ok, then loaded my pate with meat, veggies cooked with meat, and rice cooked in chicken broth and told me to eat. She said that until I started cooking or had a job and could buy my own food, I had to eat what she cooked.  So I did.  Until I hit 17 and got my first real job (I wanted to work before then, but she wouldn’t allow it).  I started limiting meat and increasing veggies, bread, and cheese.  Oh how I loved cheese!  When I got my own place I discovered Books, Herbs, & Spices, a local  health food store, and became a regular.  My love of cookbooks and all things cooking blossomed then, and I saw food as an adventure.
[Yes, vegetarians can be heavy!  I just hadn’t learned how to balance out the things I loved with things that I loved but should limit.  Even Fruity Pebbles is vegan, but that didn’t mean I should eat it for breakfast, second breakfast, late snacks, etc.]
I also learned more about my impact on the environment and set on the path to reducing my contribution to Mother Earth’s pain.  I walked, rode my bike, and rode the bus more often than starting up the car.  I cleaned my apartment with vinegar, baking soda, Borax, & lemon juice concoctions.  Air freshener was usually some orange or lemon peel tossed in boiling water with a cinnamon stick or plain.  I bought a couple canvas shopping bags and took them everywhere – and had clerks put the plastic or paper bags inside the canvas bags.  I washed my cans and bottles & lugged them to the recycling center about 20 minutes from home.  And then DD was born.
I occasionally ate meat while pregnant because she craved it.  Then decided she didn’t like it.  Mom would drop off food after DD arrived – usually a roast or casserole – and I’d eat it because I was too tired to argue about it, hungry, and not up to cooking.  I went back & forth for a while flirting with a veg way of life and a generally healthier way of life.  Then I met hubby.  We ate out often.  By often I mean weekly.  I gained at least 80 pounds and was already heavy when he & I met.  I’m not sure how much I actually gained because I stopped weighing myself when I saw the scale hit 252.
Fast forward to more current events.  In April 07 hubster was away for a training session so I took the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Veggie Challenge and was meat free for months.  Then I had a craving and fed it.  And regretted it over the following days while my body yelled at me.  Last October I joined Shaklee and started a new supplement regimen and between it and my way of eating I’d dropped a few pounds, gained energy, and reduced my blood pressure.  I’ve been visiting sites like Lime, Green Mommy Guide, and my fav veg communities and blogs for more tips and hints on keeping on track.  I participated in Earth Hour and spend my cash in places that do their part to save the Earth.  I receive and pay bills electronically and have cut down on a lot of mail.
I went veg for my health.  I went green for the Earth and my children.  I keep on this path because I couldn’t go back to living any other way  It’s a part of me and I know my family is happier and healthier because it.

Application Processing job scam – EFU Limited is the ’employer’

I hate spam.  I detest it.  I hate it even more when the spammer is a scam artist.  I’m not talking about the somewhat easily spotted lottery, ‘you are the sole heir to this foreign business person’s estate,’ Paypal, Ebay, or even the IRS scam.  I’m talking about the work at home scammers.  There creeps make it harder for legitimate home-based workers to find work or for those seeking work to see anything as legitimate.

Slimy crooks!

Here is your typical application processing, ad processing, or data entry scam job description:
“This is a great, easy job that anyone can do from home.  All you have to do is place/process ads and you receive $XX for every application/ad you process.”

Sounds like a commission-based type of thing, right?  Then they hit you with the “to complete your application”  or “for training materials, send $XX via Paypal to and you can get started right away.”

Why am I covering this again?  Because some slimeball supposedly named Lori J. Stevenson, assistant HR Supervisor for VSD Virtual Service Data decided to spam me.  The email addresses used were (sent from) and (to).  Of course a dozen or so others were spammed, like me, via blind carbon copy.  The payment was supposed to be sent to

After reporting the spam to Comcast &, I went to the website in question.  It was sparse, but clean looking and professional looking enough. I checked various links on the site and found that some went to different domains. From there I went to my favorite WHOIS search site and checked them all.

The mastermind scammer slimeball is hiding under the name EFU Limited and is based in Detroit, MI. His/her email address,, is associated with 8 other domains.,, were all created on 6/2/07 and’s administrative contact uses the email addy is an old-school home job scammer.

Here is the address and phone number for EFU Limited as posted on the WHOIS search –

Blackstone Rd. (notice, no street number)
Detroit, MI 48219

If any variation of ljah is part of the domain or email address of an ’employer,’ run away!

I hope that this post keeps a few dollars out of this crook’s pocket!  Be safe, people.

It took nearly 6 months….

but I finally finished that 16 oz. bottle of dish soap.  Wow!

Hubby is more excited about i than I am because of the savings.  Men and money, lol.

5 things about this mom

This is another MommyFest meme and the posts I’ve read so far are a riot!

I’ll keep this one short & sweet.

1) I’m addicted to coffee.  If I only have two cups in a day, my family worries that something is wrong with me.

2) I sleep maybe 5 hours a night on a good night.

3) My inner child is strong and I let her out to play fairly often.

4) I’m a gaming (PS3), sci-fi,  and anime freak.  Seriously.  I have to get my fix of at least one every week.  It keeps my other inner child happy.

5) I’m kind of a hermit, but hubster says I’m the most sociable hermit he’s ever heard of.

What I’ve Learned Since I became a Mom

This is a fab themed post from MommyFest!

Hmm.  Patience is the biggest thing.  I am 10 years older than my youngest brother, so I had to have some patience growing up, especially since he thought all of my stuff was the coolest.  But shooing a little brother off is not the same things as getting your child to entertain herself while you do dishes or take a shower or try to use the bathroom in peace.

I’ve also learned that idiocy abounds.  There are people who make crappy comments about you and your child’s appearance and behavior without knowing (or caring) about the situation or activity they missed seeing.  I remember running around with my daughter and forgetting the umbrella.  Big oops!  We decided to go on and play a little before heading home.  We were drenched during the sort shower, and anyone with textured hair can tell you what happens after the rain – POOF!  I’d gotten her buckled into her stroller and we were headed home, still giggly, but  little tired.  A couple of women saw us, shot me an evil look, then began to loudly comment about the shameful way I brought my child out of the house and so on.  I wish my my daughter had been asleep or at home so that I could comment, but I refuse to look like an ass in front of her.

That brings me to the third thing I’ve learned, how to bite my tongue.  I don’t tell people what I think of them in front of my kids, especially if I have something to say in anger.  This refers to idiots like the women mentioned previously, not a situation where I’m defending my kids or husband.

Fourth thing I’ve learned is that blood does not make family bonds any stronger or weaker.  I already knew that because I believe in 2 kids of family, the one were raised with for the most part & chosen.  Chosen family is made up of the people that come into your life and make a lasting impression – the best friend/sister/brother type.  My husband and stepson came as a package deal, just like my daughter and I were.   I rarely call my stepson my son because he’s my boy.  People do double-takes when he calls me Sherrie while my daughter calls me mom, but who cares.  And oh man do the kids look and act alike!  It’s a little scary.

Fifth thing I’ve learned is that the tiger protecting her cubs analogy is true.

Swing by and check out the other posts on this topic and share your own.  MommyFest will continue through the week, so it’s not too late to join us.