Telecommuting = World Carfree Day everyday

Well, almost everyday. I don’t have to fight traffic on my way to and from work, which is a blessing considering the distance I currently am from the interstate.  And with us being a single car family and hubby having a 45 mile commute, public transportation and I have become renewed our relationship.

Tell me, are you celebrating World Carfree Day?  Have you heard of it before?

Another scammer – Proshai Media Services/Trigemmedia

Yes, another scammer is making the rounds with alternate names.  The job post is the same, as is the contact phone number.  Basically the “position” requires website postings and reviews.  The applicant is supposed to complete a test and rarely hears from the ’employer’ again.  The money is nice and generally on target with clerical work offline, between $11-14 an hour.

It’s a lead generation scam.  As soon as your information is received, your information is sold and the calls and emails follow a few days later.

A WHOIS search for both companies did not show a link.  Where Proshai lists a technical contact (Ryan Farmer in Hickory, NC) , Trigemmedia keeps it private. was registered this past April and was registered in August.  Maybe since the heat is on the one the scammer is using the other for a while.

To keep your information safe, run a Google search on the contact information, search the’s database, and search legitimate telecommuting forums and blogs like, Telecommuting Truths, and Workplace like Home.

Scammers don’t care anymore whether they get your money or your information – they make money either way.

Be safe and best to you in your search.