DTS Global – another money transfer scam

These people will never learn.

Shelley Barley <shelleynoyryu1989@hotmail.com> has “aVacancy open.” In addition to the grammatical mistakes unbecoming of professional correspondence, she spells out exactly what the position entails:

Customer service manager duties:

First of all you are responsible for transactions preparation and distribution; also you must provide promptness of all operations. All orders from customers must be received and processed by you in person or by mail/phone. You must report for each transaction and collect them for monthly reports, ensure all payments are disbursed in time.

Remuneration includes base salary – about 2k-3k USD and commission rate (5% for each transfer), PLUS we reimburse all your cell phone and banking expenses.

If you receive a message from Shelley or dtsglobalcv@gmail.com, delete it.