They’re kidding, right? More Virtual Service Data scam posts.

I’ve received yet another email from an HR supervisor with VSD.  Here’s the running list of names so far:

Lori A. Asabell
Amanda Sweeny
Katherine Mason
Lori Stevenson

And email addys:

Remember, these crooks want you to pay them for traning materials that amount to you posting the same scam job lead around the ‘net.  Don’t fall for it!

The hard economic times and holiday season are brigning more scammers than ever out of the woodwork.  Some may not realize that they’re scamming others because they believed the hype.

Anytime that a job requires a training fee, it is a big red flag.  It’s a bigger red flag when the same company charges a different fee in each post.

Be smart.  Be safe.

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