Busy, busy! But the end (of summer) is near.

It’s been crazy this week. School starts next week for the teen boy so we’ve been shopping, cleaning, organizing and the like. Work was scheduled around school prep for the most part and that makes for a fun time. Times like these make me happy to be a telecommuter with a flexible schedule. As long as my work is completed before my deadline, all is well.

The biggest time suck this week? Travel. Travel included several trips around town to fetch groceries, supplies, and to shuttle teen boy to various last minute summer hurrah get togethers. He’s a social kid and that makes us happy. Yes, I’m smiling as I write this. Thankfully, the start of school will change our schedules for the calmer. Not better, just different. The school year makes it easier for me to stick to schedule as well. And I look forward to it.

Are you ready for the start of the school year?


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