Telecommuting Scams Hurt – I know from experience

The news about Zeek Rewards and Bidify’s shutdowns hurt.  I hurt for the affiliates affected by the move.  While Bidify’s shutdown seems temporary, Zeek’s is not.  CEO Paul Burks of Lexington, NC, decided to settle without admission of wrongdoing and a court appointed receiver went to work on Monday.  While scam business shutdowns are not new, many victims are left without recourse.

I’ve been scammed twice. I was truly scammed – I worked hard and was slowly (or quickly) shut out then considered ineligible for payment because I broke rules or the company just closed.  I worked as a real estate bird dog for (also known as TGN Network).  I found properties for a good price and shared the listings in exchange for a commission on closed sales.  I found a few killer listings and noticed they were posted on the site under another independent contractor’s name.  I pointed this out and was assured it would be corrected.  Suddenly there were notification issues and my contract was terminated.  Turns out I was one in a long line of victims.  Company owner Ari Hinnant has a history of scamming telecommuters and shutting down when things get hot.  It seems she may be still at it.  If you see her name attached to an opportunity, walk away.

Second time I was scammed was as an independent representative with Marlo Quinn.  It started out great – fantastic soaps and candles, quick shipping, and huge potential.  Problems started with an incomplete order.  I was told the soaps were back ordered and would receive them soon.  No soap, no refund.  On the company forums, posts about missing items, long turnaround between orders and deliveries, and other ‘negative’ posts were deleted instead of addressed.  Then suddenly, nothing.  The company shut down without an official word until founder Marcee Townsend gave an interview on Work at Home Moms Talk Radio.  And still no apology to the reps or customers left holding the bag.

When I tell people to be careful and do their homework, I recognize that sometimes opportunities check out until it’s too late.  With Ouii/TGN, I was so excited to find something that I didn’t do enough homework.  With Marlo Quinn, everything checked out until a few months before shut down.  Now I research everything to the nth degree.

I hope sharing helps some of you.  Until next time, be safe.


2 thoughts on “Telecommuting Scams Hurt – I know from experience

  1. I’m Arie HInnant’s sister and Arie has never sold property… she is a writer, so, this story is fake. She is a copy editor and publisher. I would contact the author, but, you can’t contact the author of this fake blog.

    • Hello, Denise. Let me assure you, I am easily contacted and have not received any messages from you until this message posted. If it was not your sister, then it was someone using her name. Anything I share about my experiences is 100% true.

      I do know that scammers frequently use the names of legitimate businesses and individuals in order to make themselves appear legitimate. I will not take down this post because it is a warning to others.

      I do see that your comment was posted many years after I shared my story and wonder why you waited this long and why you decided the blog must be a fake. I’ll be reaching out to you via email shortly.

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