Tracy Armstrong left something for me at the Central Bank of Nigeria

Ah, Nigeria again. It seems it’s Nigeria, China, or Russia for the bigger scams and the US for job scams. Sigh. I really, really wish people would find others ways of making money. Scamming and preying on the weak and desperate is pathetic and shameful.

I say shameful a lot. And it always applies. They should be ashamed, but they’re not.

People, we have be smarter about this. The crooks will keep coming. We have to stop them by turning them in and by not falling for these scams! Tell everyone you know how to avoid them. Make sure they know this isn’t real. Do not send anyone other than an employer a copy of your identification.

Full text with the scammer’s information included. Errors are theirs.

Subject: About Your Payment

Central Bank of Nigeria,
Internation Remittance Dept.

 Good Day!!

 there is presently counter claims on your funds by one Mrs.Tracy
 Amstrong, who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead
 and even explained that you entered into an agreement with her,to help
 you in receive your fund.this fund is said to be paid to you by the
 (UN) United kingdom, for compensating you after your Email address was
 retrieved from some scamming convicts. but this Mrs.Tracy
 Amstrong has convinces us that you have already entered an agreement with her to be
 your Next of Kin,that is why we are making this last confirmation before going ahead
 to pay this to Mrs.Tracy Amstrong the fund.

 Here comes the big question Did you sign any deed of assignment in
 favor of ( Mrs.Tracy Amstrong )? There by making her the current
 beneficiary to the sum of 10.2millionusd with the following account
 details:?Mrs.Tracy Amstrong
 bank,address:284 ave FL 18 new york,USA,we shall proceed to issue all
 payments details to the above named person if we do not hear from you
 within the next two working days.

 Respond to the e-mail with immediate effect so that we can be sure of doing the right thing due to
 the hug amount of money involved.

 we shall give you further details on how your fund will be released.
 Respond to this message if you are Alive

 If you are alive then i want you to send me your following details so
 that we can begin processing for the release of your fund:

 1.Full Name:………
 2.Full Address:……
 3.Phone Number:…..
 5.marital status…..
 7.A scan copy of your identification:….

 Your urgent response is required soonest.

 Best Regards
 John Akintola
 Director International
 Remmitance Dept,
 Foreign Operation.

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