Possibly overdue clarification – I do not have funds to share

A rush of comments and messages I’ve received in the past week requires a response.

I am a mother, wife, telecommuting independent contractor and business owner.   I am not offering rewards, grants, or an inheritance to anyone reading this blog or sending me messages.  What I do is share the garbage I receive and explain why such messages and offers are garbage.    Maybe I’ve been unclear and that led to confusion; I’m not sure.

What I know without a doubt is that I have been on the victim side of scams and do not wish that on anyone.  That’s why I share.

This concludes today’s clarification.   Later this week we’ll get back to the usual grind.  Or not.   All depends on what I’m feeling.  Until then, be safe and well.



P. S.  I will not approve comments from Finally Funded or anyone with a name, email address, or comments that resemble the spam messages.  I’m not here to help you find victims.


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