Tania Amir wants to be partners

I love it when people reach out to discuss a collaboration or partnership, but I don’t like it when scam artists do.

You tell me if this sounds legitimate:


From:  Tania Amir (tania.amir8@gmail.com)
Subject:  I seek your sincere partnership 


I am formally writing to bring this Landmark Project to you. Kindly go through the attached Confidential Letter and get back to me or you can reach me on +(44) 770 030 8940 for more information.

Thank you and hope hearing from you soon.


Tania Amir


Amir & Amir Law Associates is possibly legitimate.  The domain was created in 2009 and the site itself contains the information one would want to find when looking for a lawyer.  I do wonder why a photo gallery was included, but maybe that’s just me.  Notice the phone number.  On the site, the number is.  The phone number in the email includes a +44 prefix used when calling the United Kingdom.  To call Bangladesh, where Amir & Amir is located, the call prefix is +11.

No, I did not download the attached letter.  Never download unsolicited attachments.  It’s generally not a safe move.

I will not take Tania up on this kind offer.  You shouldn’t, either.  There are too many red flags.