A little behind – sick days rule (kinda)

Ok, so I started this blogging challenge and have every intention of getting in 30+ posts in October.  What I didn’t count on is the pain flare from hell.  I’ve been barely moving for two days now.  Sitting hurts, lying hurts, standing is near impossible.  It’s typical for me to hurt a little more a few days each month, but come on! Times like this I’m really glad I have the flex schedule I’ve always wanted.

I work every day, but not a typical 8 hour workday.  I put in 25-40 hours a week depending on what I’m working on, and most days I keep my workload down to 4-6 hours.  When pain kicks in, I cut back.  I am no good to anyone when the pain fog meets pain meds fog.  I’m not sure how this will work outside of home or with a typical schedule.  Thankfully, right now, I don’t have to find out.

On sick days, I work a little via cell.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love technology?  And automation software rules!  I can schedule posts while lucid and not worry about it.  Not worry much, anyway.  I can check email and social media from bed.   My next purchase may be Dragon Naturally Speaking so I can get more done.

As for housework, that’s what kids are for.  🙂  And my pain + med fog makes me more entertaining.  At least I think so.

And now that i’m feeling a little better, it’s time to make up for lost time.   I have a feeling that my to do list will make me consider going back to bed.

So, telecommuters. how do you handle your sick days?

WAHM life and sick days are such fun….

I don’t mean sick days for the kids, but for me.  I’m lucky that I don’t have to deal with anyone over the phone or via webcam.  I think I would have scared them today – ponytail just tossed on top of my head; glasses falling down my stuffy nose; jug of water and mugs of ginger tea at my side.

I think sick day productivity is a huge side benefit for employers of telecommuters.  I know I feel guilty enough about missing work that I’ll try to get something done.  And I’m not spreading my ick throughout the workplace.  I’m not spreading it at home, either; not this time, anyway.  This ick is due to some bad food at some point over the weekend and I’m still trying to pinpoint the exact item and location (possibly a Savannah, GA McDonald’s….)

I put in a half day today, partly because of how I felt and partly because of the big assignment due tomorrow.  I made it through the day without strangling anyone, accidentally shredding my notes, or terrifying my kids into silence.  (I’ve done that before and don’t want to repeat it. )

Just like a parent working outside of the home, the household duties don’t stop just because you feel like stopping.  But I’m lucky; my kids are old enough to help without making more work for me in the end.  The dogs, however, decided to help by running through the freshly sorted laundry piles and becoming ill themselves.

Oh man am I rambling this time around.  I think I’ll take my sleep-deprived self on to bed.  And hope that tomorrow will be the end of this ick.  I’m ready for a full day of work, refereeing a water gun fight during my lunch break, and teaching the kid about business, telecommuting, and time management.