Is it a Project Assistant or Operations Manager position?

Yesterday I shared a fake lead from Fuller Carter and made a note of his laziness in not proofreading his message.  Herrod Carney apparently learned from Carter or maybe is the same scammer using a different name. Tsk, tsk.  Sloppy work is just sloppy work, even if it is is a scam.


From:  Herrod Carney (

Subject:  Job opening : (3632645493)

Vacancy ID: Project Assistant.

Section: Advertising company.

Job Status: Full-Time/Part-Time

Annual income: $70K.

Locality: Across the USA.


We are currently accepting applications for the full-time permanent position of Operations Manager for our Logistics and Warehousing Area of activity.


The work combines overseeing overall coordination of normal projects with the coordination of particular aspects of larger projects under the direction of the Project Manager. The post also involves Proposal Development and Project Execution.

You will be expected to maintain the standards of the project at all times, meeting project targets while fulfilling and superseding client expectations.


– US citizen only.
– 7+ years� work experience.
– Bachelor�s degree or higher.
– A broad understanding of transportation is vital as well as the ability to manage projects across teams. – Strong computer skills with knowledge of basic business software like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
– The successful candidate will also possess competent spoken and written communication skills.

For more information, please reply with your resume.


Notice that the message is almost identical to the one I shared yesterday?   The sender and position titles are different and while part-time is mentioned in the message heading, only full-time is referenced within the message.  It’s another example of a scammer copying and pasting script with minor changes.  Learn to spot these scams and share when you find them.

Be safe.


Fake job opportunity from D&B Packaging & Shipping

It’s getting close to the start of another school year, so that means scammers are targeting parents and college students. They know how much we have to shell out in the pre-season and hope that our wishes fro more money make us less leery of offers that are too good to be true.

Caroline Brent emailed me with an offer and may email you as well.


From: Caroline Brent (

Subject:  Fresh job _ (3229339066176)

D&B Packaging & Shipping is one of the best companies in the sphere of forwarding business. We provide our reshipping services for people who need to have their purchases delivered outside the U.S. Our main goal is to make sure our customers purchases are safely delivered to them in the shortest time possible. We would be glad to offer you an opportunity to become our Administrative Assistant.
We found your resume on CareerBuilder and we think you could be an ideal candidate for this position. As an Administrative Assistant, you’ll be eligible for competitive salary as well as for significant monthly rewards from our company.
Our standard requirements are:
– High school diploma (or GED equivalent) – ability to work with Windows PC or Mac – proficiency in MS Office or Open Office – stable Internet access – ability to handle office equipment (e.g. printer and scanner)
Any related experience would be beneficial, however, it is not compulsory. We will also expect you to be attentive with all the documentation and of course with our customers purchases. Please reply to this email so that our HR representative can get in touch with you so that to provide more information.
Good luck! Regards, HR Agent Caroline Brent


If the job details or email address seems familiar, it’s because Wallace Campbell emailed me from the same address about a Packaging Manager position the other day.  I told you, some scammers don’t even try to hide anymore.

Don’t let the number of scammers approaching you from Career Builder turn you away from your job search.

Be safe.

Remember EFU Limited’s Application Processing Scam? They’re back!

This time they’re using the names VSD Virtual Services Data and Newman & Miller Associates.

I saw an ad on Cragislist that smelled wrong, so I requested more info.  Less than 24 hours later, Lori J. Stevenson responded with her scam offer.  I wrote about her and her company back in May – remember EFU Limited?

Basically they post ads, then when applicants respond, they hit them with the ‘pay us $24.95 (or whatever) for processing fees.’

This line of bull kills me –

This is just a small processing fee, protecting
from those who are not serious about doing this work. No business can
cover administrative cost, wasted time or provide costly materials to
everyone who inquires about this position. If this is not acceptable
for you, or you cannot afford this small cost, please disregard this email.

The ‘costly materials’ she refers to?  An email telling the applicant how to scam people the same way she is.  Wait, not ‘scam,’ but explanation of your work duties.

If you’d like to read the entire email, drop me a line and I’ll forward you a copy.  Remember, this is a scam, not a job.

As long as I can, I will nail these scamming beotches to the wall.  I’ll shout from the rooftoops about who they are, how they scam, and how to avoid them.

Be safe out there!

Warning – a new scam home job offer – js Design

Pathetic they are! It’s another wire transfer scam from a European company ‘seeking agents in the states to accept/process payments.’

Here’s the WHOIS info:
Domain name:

Name servers:

Registrar: Limited
Creation date: 2008-02-27
Expiration date: 2009-02-27

Registrant (and administrative, technical and billing contact):
Anatoly Bargin
Organization: JS Design LTD
Address: 22 Kranoarmeyskaya st.
City: Moscow
State: Moscow obl.
ZIP: 420000
Country: RU
Phone: +7.4952171178
Fax: +7.4952171176

This winner has been reported to AOL, Gmail, and Florida’s Secretary of State (because the company claims to be registered to do business there).

Wire transfer scam ‘jobs’ are not new, but this one deserved a warning because he posted a certificate on his site that’s supposedly from the Florida Secretary of State.   There are those who will see that and think the company is ok without doing additional research on it.

Not all of the scammers are this careless. Be careful.