Happy 21st, J!

See this woman?

From Niece of Awesome's birthday party.

From Niece of Awesome’s birthday party.

She is my first born, my woman crush, my gaming buddy, my partner in geekdom, and the first person to teach me about unconditional love.  She makes my heart sing, my eyes tear and twitch, my nerves fray, and my pride meter burst.

Happy 21st birthday, J.  I love you.

What I’ve Learned Since I became a Mom

This is a fab themed post from MommyFest!

Hmm.  Patience is the biggest thing.  I am 10 years older than my youngest brother, so I had to have some patience growing up, especially since he thought all of my stuff was the coolest.  But shooing a little brother off is not the same things as getting your child to entertain herself while you do dishes or take a shower or try to use the bathroom in peace.

I’ve also learned that idiocy abounds.  There are people who make crappy comments about you and your child’s appearance and behavior without knowing (or caring) about the situation or activity they missed seeing.  I remember running around with my daughter and forgetting the umbrella.  Big oops!  We decided to go on and play a little before heading home.  We were drenched during the sort shower, and anyone with textured hair can tell you what happens after the rain – POOF!  I’d gotten her buckled into her stroller and we were headed home, still giggly, but  little tired.  A couple of women saw us, shot me an evil look, then began to loudly comment about the shameful way I brought my child out of the house and so on.  I wish my my daughter had been asleep or at home so that I could comment, but I refuse to look like an ass in front of her.

That brings me to the third thing I’ve learned, how to bite my tongue.  I don’t tell people what I think of them in front of my kids, especially if I have something to say in anger.  This refers to idiots like the women mentioned previously, not a situation where I’m defending my kids or husband.

Fourth thing I’ve learned is that blood does not make family bonds any stronger or weaker.  I already knew that because I believe in 2 kids of family, the one were raised with for the most part & chosen.  Chosen family is made up of the people that come into your life and make a lasting impression – the best friend/sister/brother type.  My husband and stepson came as a package deal, just like my daughter and I were.   I rarely call my stepson my son because he’s my boy.  People do double-takes when he calls me Sherrie while my daughter calls me mom, but who cares.  And oh man do the kids look and act alike!  It’s a little scary.

Fifth thing I’ve learned is that the tiger protecting her cubs analogy is true.

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