An interesting offer from Damon Walton

I save my spam and fake job offers to share here.  There are quite a few saved since my longer-than-expected hiatus.  It’s been busy over here between projects, doc and physical therapy appointments, subscription experimentation, and more.

Anyway, this one is a doozy.  It’s hard to read without editing because it’s just that bad.  I want to respond with a grammar-and spelling-corrected copy of the offer.  Damon Walton apparently does not have spell-check on his email platform.

From:  Damon Walton (

Subject:  Well-paid job / (78665082162)

Good day! I have found your curriculum vitae in CareerBuilder database and you look to be a suitable person for the job we are offering.

The position is pretty easy with a monthly income and social welfare benefit. We need those employees who are able to maintain business cooperation between customers of another state. You mustnďż˝t any particular knowledge; our colleagues will send you detailed position obligations and help you telephonically. To begin you’ll have to have an account created with one of the local banks in order to effect the transactions from our customers and conclude a contract. You will get your first salary in around 5 business days.

In case this job opportunity is of interest to you, please don�t be shy to reply via email.

This is one reason I have a love/hate relationship with Career Builder.

Be safe and delete this stuff.