Ooh, a job offer and he’s asking for my bank account number!

If it was as easy to find a job as opening an inbox, there would be very little unemployment.  Scam artists know how high unemployment is and generally how lazy some people can be.  The idea of earning something for nothing is appealing, but not many really think it’s that easy.  No one I know, anyway.

So while the boys played cards after the July 4th feast, the girl and I retreated to our laptops and did our own thing.  She gamed while I checked email and found an interesting message from Mr. Morgan Kent.  It seems Kent is the scammer formerly known as Morgan Hunt and he’s been looking for a personal assistant for at least 12 years now.  His dad left him an inheritance and he needs an assistant to help him get his money.  And the lucky assistant gets a whopping 30% of the total.  Some job, eh?  Scumbag.

Here’s the full message —
From:  Mr. Morgan Kent (morgankent80@gmail.com)

Subject:   I WISH TO HAVE YOU AS A PERSONAL ASSISTANT.  (Note:  Yes, in all caps.  Oy.)
Dear Sir/Ma


Mr. Morgan Kent



Tel-phone Number:+2348065342178

My name is Morgan Kent, I live in Nigeria, this mail is about my inheritance .I lost my father when i was small, and my grand father took good care of me still i was grown up. There was a day my grand father was very ill, he called me and said he had a secret to tell me. I was anxious to know what my grand father was about to say. He told me that, since my father his late it will be better for him to tell me the secret now…Since he his very ill he can go and meet his ancestors at any time.

He told me that there is a land that he has, and that land there is a natural resource inside the land that means crude oil, so i can do some thing fast about it. Telling me this, i was flabbergasted, so i decide to go and find out,if it is true. To my greatest surprise, i found out that there is a natural resource inside the land. So i
took a bottle of the oil to check it out in the Lab, i gave a scientist the bottle of the oil to help me confirm it.After the scientist have finished,checking it, he came out from the Lab and said this is a crude oil, i was excited about the natural resource in my land.

So i return back home and thank my grand father for keeping such a valuable-able property for me.So i thought of selling this land to the (NNPC) Company. So i went to meet the (Nigeria National Petroleum Company) Group general manager(public Affairs) Dr Levi Ajuonuma we both discourse about the land, then he fixed the amount they are going to buy it, He said they will pay $15,000,000.00 US Dollars for the land of Crude oil, and also they are going to be paying me monthly income which  is $5,000.00 US Dollars per Month. So i decided to dispose this message to you as a friend and for you to tell me what to do, if i should sell the land or not. Please i need your advise.
So i can know what to do. If you reply back to me and you are willing to assist me as in this business transaction, i promise to give you 30% percent out of the money  and i take 70 percent of the money. Note that you are required to send me your information so that i can be able to forward it to the (NNPC) General Manager Dr. Levi Ajuonuma so that he can start processing the transaction.







Tel-phone number:____________________________

Bank account number:______________________________

My good friend  with all this information, i will forward the information which you are going to send to me to the NNPC,  so that they can start processing the transaction. Note that My inheritance fund will be transferred into your Bank account, and as soon as the transfer is completed i will travel down to your Country to collect my own share out of the money. from my plan anyway I am planing to invest my own part of the fund in your country which i will also need your assistance when investing by putting me through in telling the lucrative business that i can invest on in your country. I will be very appreciative if my inheritance could attract you and favorable consideration.
Kindly consider my request.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Morgan Kent



Dear Mr. Kent:

No thanks, creep.


Not your victim

Would this be too harsh?  I’m not going to bother.  I’m sure he’s used to not hearing from anyone.

Be safe and enjoy those leftover cookout goodies.