2015 is trying to kill me

You know, I usually look at a new year with excitement and full of wonder.  2015 is not even one month old and I’m already over it.  We’ve lost a family member (rest well, Marie), had ER trips, expensive car repairs, tummy issues, and wonky medication issues.

But, I’m going to look at the positives.  I’ve found my stride in some ways and am focused on the short-term goals instead of making the long game the ‘be all, end all’ of things. The Girl is rocking college like a boss.  The Boy is rocking his junior year like a boss and looking forward to visiting potential colleges.  The Hubs is healing nicely on top of being a fantastic guy.  The dogs are their usual giddy selves.  The kitchen is coming along nicely and I have not injured myself while getting it together.  Netflix and Amazon Prime have killer titles available.  The bad doesn’t outweight the good, but it’s trying.

The year may be trying to kill me, but I won’t let it.

Short and sweet


Some days these are the only trees I get to spend time around.

Sometimes wahm life takes over and some of the everything needs to take a back seat.  🙂  More goodness is coming, including more about life as well as job scams.  

One thing I have noticed is how much sweeter life gets with age.  I’ll be 43 in 8 days and it is awesome.  I’ve already lived longer than my dad and wonder what he would think of my life, hubby, the kids, and even the dogs.  Would he have gotten the wahm life from the start or would he have needed time to come around like mom?  

Yeah, it’s been that kind of month.  Reflective and busy.  

Until later, peace.  

Long time between posts

Things get a little crazy when WAHM life has to take sort of a backseat to life in general.  Family, school, work, and a home search have limited my free time.  It’s not easy to put in a regular work day when your son decides that he doesn’t need to drink water when it’s hot out and faints.  Or your dogs decide to destroy a pillow, blanket, r/c car, football, etc.  Throwing in a househunt, packing, and reorganizing make life fun, too.

A side bonuse is that I’m getting more sleep.  Sometimes.

I’ll keep you posted on the move and settling into the new routine.  I’ll have more scam alerts soon, too.

There is a lot happening with this WAHM during Women’s Health Week!

As usual, your friendly neighborhood insomniac workaholic wahm is busy. For once classes are not a part of the routine, but that will change in a couple of weeks.
It’s vet time for the dogs, my babies and my mom’s sweetheart, Rosie. That’s going to be a fun couple of days I tell ya. Meetings galore for my daughter this and over the next few weeks since she’ll be leaving middle school and headed to high. Sniff. My baby’s not a baby anymore – she’s a moody, angst-filled, Goddess! It had to happen. Can’t keep ’em frozen in time.
All week I’ll be participating in MommyFest, but then again I’ve told you that. I’ve been enjoying it so far. It’s been good to see what the other blogging moms are up to, what their businesses, work, and lives are like…and to see that I’m not the only one chatting away in cyberspace.

On the health front, I’ve been challenged! I’m a Skinny Bitch wannabe and so are the girls plodding away with me. Most are vegetarians and all are trying to cut down and out the crap we’ve been eating. I’m also pushing play every day with a mix of walking, Slim Series Express (a Slim in 6 follow-up) and Turbo Jam, and Pilates – yep, another challenge. I’ve been successfully released from my third round of physical therapy and am cleared to do most exercise. As much as I’d like to hit Turbo Jam daily, I have to skip a day or two between those workouts. I’d rather see the slow steady changes in my body than end up on my back again because I tried too much too soon.

I’m also taking part in the WOMAN Challenge sponsored by the US Department of Health & Human Services. When I complete the 8 week challenge I’ll get a nifty certificate mailed to me and the satisfaction of reaching my goals. (Thanks Heather for turning me on to this! I’m headed cross country – you?) It’s free and there’s something about a challenge that gets me going!

WOMAN Challenge 08

If you decide to join and want to team up, just give me a shout. Our daughters can participate, too.

Speaking of health, did you know it was Women’s Health Week? Come on ladies, let’s get it in gear! Let’s get to know our bodies so well that we know when something is wrong. Check your blood pressure. Make note of your headaches and see what triggers them. Know your cholesterol & triglyceride numbers. Check those boobies monthly.

There’s another challenge for me this week. Well, it’s an everyday thing: make sure my loved ones know I love them. They always need to know. And if you’re in the middle of a disagreement, it makes you look like the bigger person when you express your love. 🙂

Until tomorrow!