I hit the lottery again – nope

Another day, another notification of winnings.  Jack Phillip – or Dr. Willy Scott – wants to start sending me my winnings.  I didn’t enter a lottery, but he thinks I’ll jump on this and give up my information because free money.  Guess again.  I know better.


From:  jack phillip (jackson.phil@cantv.net)

Subject:  here is the MTCN=1047395860,

This is to inform you that we want to start sending your winning lottery
money today and you can only be receiving 5000 dollars two times daily
from your winning funds through the appointed western union agent.note that you will pay 78 dollars only to the western union agent for your transferring file account.

Today your  first payment has been made for you from the paying
Bank and here is the MTCN=1047395860,the full information can not be
give to you now due to for some security reasons and it applies you
must contact the western union agent immediately with your full

Kindly provide the below information to western union agent
Your full name
Phone number

The appointed western union will be waiting to hear from you

Contact person
Dr:Willy Scott
westernunion Director
No. XXXXXXXXX (phone number edited by me)


$5,000 twice a day?  And I only have to send in $78 to set it up?  Puhlease!  Can you imagine how much this crook makes with just 10 responses a day?  Don’t give anyone money for money.

Did you receive a similar message?  Tell me about it.