Fake personal assistant position from John Wiley

Ah, the great art gallery owner John Wiley.  No, I haven’t heard of him, either.  Not before he sent me this message, anyway.

From:  John Wiley (enriquezmary@aol.com)

Subject:  Personal Assistant

My Name is John Wiley,and I own an Art Gallery, This time of the year
is exceedingly a busy time for me,and I find myself constantly
travelling out of
the Country for exhibitions,auctions, deliveries et all as such I sort
the services of a Personal Assistant to handle my business errands.
I do not require that you resume to an office,leave your current
employment or levacuate your convenience.
I am looking for someone that can handle my business errands during
his or her spare time.
Here are a list of responsibilities that I would require you bear on my
1. Receive my mail and drop them off at the post office or shipping
center.All expenses and shipping charges will be covered by me.
2. Pay bills on my behalf.I would be providing funds for this.
3. Sit for delivery at home or pick up items at a post office near you
at your convenience.
When you get my mail or receive packages on my behalf you are free to
open them to check contents in order to gurantee your safety and
The contents of the my mail and the packages are specifically art
materials and paintings as well as personal letters. No heavy packages
are involved.
If you decide to accept this position or you are able to offer me any
of the responsibilities I have listed above, Please provide me with
the following details
Full Name:
Full Address:
Zip Code:
Phone No:
Work Status:
A. Being honest and trustworthy.
B. Ability to 15 to 20 hours a month
C. Ability to check your EMAIL 3 to 5 times daily.
$350 Weekly.
Please note that this job DOES NOT require any financial obligation of
any sort from you as I would be catering for all expenses.
I look forward to hearing from you.
John Wiley

It seems innocent enough, right?  It is just a part-time position and he’s going to cover all job-related expenses.  And the salary is pretty decent.  Why do I think this is a fake?  For starters, the duties include shipping and receiving packages.  He gives permission for you to open them and he’s going to pay all expenses.  You might think that doesn’t sound bad, and it might not be.  But why would a gallery owner have art shipped to an assistant instead of to his gallery?  That smells funny.

Another red flag under job duties is that he’ll send you money to pay his bills.  Is he sending business checks or a company card for paying said bills, or is he going to send the assistant a check for deposit into the assistant’s account for the assistant to write checks? Or does he want the assistant to wire cash to his creditors?  This is pretty shady stuff and not worth talking to him for additional information.  Especially when his email address does not include any variation of his name.

What do you think?  Did you see the same red flags I did?  Have you received this email?

Another payment processing scam: LPA

They just don’t get it, do they?

Hilda Javier andersonzekop@popstar.com


"You will get: 5% of each completed transaction($7000 - $9000 per week In the 
initial probation period), plus after you prove yourself as being trustworthy "
and productive, these amounts may increase."

Just like the others running this scam, they will send you a check to deposit and ask you to send all but a percentage to  
them via wire transfer.  By the time the check you deposited bounces, they will be gone and you will be out of luck.  

Don't fall for it.

A list of scammers to avoid

I figured I’d make it a little more difficult for the scammers as a new year’s resolution – again.  Here is a list of the most frequently seen crooks from 2008.

*Ace CheckTronics
*Eryx Investment
*Centre Of Job LTD
*Lumen LTD
*Best Trade Solutions
*Transatlantic LTD
*Best Trade Solutions
*Felix Secure
*Decapolis Financial
*js Design

The sites that many of them used then are down, but several other scams follow the same route.  They post a legit-seeming ad and use a legitimate company’s name or contract information as their own.  The job consists of accepting wire transfers or checks and sending the money to the company headquarters. Report any contact from these people or anyone running a similar game and do not send them any information.

*Scout 2007 – Too Spoiled – Good Grades Now – World Voice News – Veriresume

These are all run by the same group of scammers.  These creeps make their opportunity look good. A good salary for the position, standard job requirements, full and part time positions, flexible scheduling, the works.  What they don’t say is that they just want my contact info in their database so they can sell it.

*EFU Limited – Virtual Service Data(VSD) – LJAH – DKJobs – Newman & Miller  Associates

These companies are all operated by the same cooks.  They want you to pay them to learn to post data entry job ads just like the one you answered. Any variation of LJAH – Legit Jobs at Home – should be ignored.   LJAH has been obtaining payment for a list of job leads that are out of date or a variation of their standard scam.

Here’s to shutting down as many of these crooks as possible!

Happy 2009!