Fake business proposal from Heinz

Oy.  This message is short and sweet with red flags all over it.


From:  Heinz 101 (service@brickforge.com)

Subject:  Business Partnership

Dearest One,

My name is Mr. Heinz Bachmann, I am the credit officer in Wir Bank in Switzerland I have a business proposal for you.
There are no risks involved, Please reply for briefs.

Mr.Heinz Bachmann


Anytime someone tells you the business proposal has zero risk, you do your homework.  Heinz has multiple email addresses, including a Gmail account as the reply to addy.  Really, sir?  Brickforge.com makes Lego accessories and Zoho.com sells business software.  Notice how none of those is related to the Wir Bank?  Heinz hopes no one notices.

Disappoint Heinz.  Don’t respond.