Rare job opportunity scam

Have I told you lately how much I despise spammers?  I do.  I can’t stand how they fill my inbox and occasionally make their way past the spam filters.  I can’t stand how they prey on people looking for something – anything – to help pay the bills.  I think they’re scum and need to be put on blast.

Lately, Digital Binary Options has been blowing up my mailbox.  The latest messages mention a job opportunity that is anything but.

If it’s legitimate, they don’t need to hit my inbox several times a week using different addresses and subject lines.   I received this one this week.  Three times.  I’m editing the link, but the remaining text is theirs, errors and all.

From:  Marketing Department
Subject:  Rare Job Opportunity (support@digitalbinaryoptions.net)


Unfortunately one of our valued team members have recently left our team, this means we have a rare opening

in out corporation.

This position offers a starting salary of $250,500, plus An outstanding benefits package tailored specifically to you.

Learn More Here … (edited)

You do not need any experience or qualifications, only a willingness to learn, a few hours out of your day, and

an internet connection.  Sound like you?

Apply Now!

There is only one space available and it will be filled quickly, so we recommend applying today.




There is NO position anywhere that requires no minimum experience or education level paying $250,000.  That does not happen and is not real.

This scumbag crew sends similar messages from support@healthyhappinessstartshere.com and George at support@pureincomeforever.com.  The business address does not match any known business in Arizona.  Please don’t fall for this one. Share the messages they send with a warning about them.  That’s what I’m doing.

Until next time, be safe and smart, people.