Introducing Hamidul Haque, my potential partner

Now I really feel special.  Mr. Hamidul Haque wrote me twice this week because he wants to be my business partner.  I am just giddy!

Subject:  Request for Partnership

From:  Mr,. Hamidul Haque

Re; Request for Partnership.

I am aware of the unsafe nature of the internet; but due to the prevailing circumstances I don’t have any other option than to seek for partnership through this medium.

(Note:  “I know the interwebs are kind of dicey, but I have no choice but to seek you out using said interwebs.”  Yeah, right.  Whatever. )

Permit me, My Name is Mr Hamidul Haque, Managing partner with M;s/S &H Corporation in Bangladesh
I am searching for a foreign partner who will partner with me in the completion of a Multimillion Dollar transaction.
This transaction has to do with the Asian Development Bank Financed Natural Gas Assess Improvement Project;

The transaction is 100% risk free, financially profitable and economically viable.
I am open for negotiation.
All arrangements will be made under a legitimate framework.

(Note:  “Trust me!  This is real!  I swear!”)

Full details will be disclosed to you on your expression of interest
I look forward to doing good business with you.
Warmest Regards

Mr Hamidul Haque (Note:  Notice the difference in the sent from and reply to email addresses?)

Just in case I missed or accidentally deleted this email, Mr. Haque sent it again a few days later, complete with a new email address,

No, not happening.  This is another twist on the money transfer or check cashing scam.  They send a check that I’m supposed to deposit.  I keep a percentage of the amount for my trouble and send them the balance in cash.  By the time the bank receives notification of the bad check, the partner is long gone, leaving me to deal with the overdrafts.

The more they claim it’s real, the more careful you must be.