Andrew Okai wants your information

If you telecommute, you may have to send copies of your identification to your new employer.  Hopefully before you take this step, you’ve done the research, been interviewed, and have a firm offer of employment or a contact. If someone like “Andrew Okai” asks for you identification so you can split ill-gotten gains, don’t do it.  This type of offer is not legitimate in any way and it’s illegal.


From:  Andrew Okai (

Subject:  Re: Deal 


Andrew Okai is my name. the Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank Ghana,Ltd.
This year, I have been able to offset most Overdue
contract sums owed by the Government of Ghana to Foreign contractors in
2013-2014 . In the process of these payments, I discovered through investigation
that my late colleague who passed on May 2015 secretly secured ($USD 15,000,000.00) in the bank (ESCROW ACCOUNT) but was unable to conclude the transaction before his sudden death. The fund originated from the balance of over-invoiced sum and
inflated government contracts of which the principal sum had been paid to foreign contractors that executed their Oil contracts here in Ghana in 2013-2014

This fund is now floating in a suspense account of our bank escrow and will be moved by telegraphic transfer within 48
hours of perfection of your account coordinates.

I have concluded all necessary Arrangements for the TRANSFER of the money to an account .Contacting you on this became imperative to the fact that, the transfer cannot be effected without a second party account and receiving Bank Code and SWIFT numbers.

Therefore, what is required from you is Trust, Confidentiality and Honesty. No
travel is required, I will forward an account where my share will be further transferred to when the funds reaches your bank in your country. At the moment i can only give information that are reasonable to assist this business without failure of any nature. Our sharing terms goes like this (60% to me, 40% to you)
If interested Please, send detail information as below,

1 your full names______________________
2,your 24hrs phone no.______________________
5,marital status____________________________
6,House Address_______________________________
7,Scan copy of your passport__________________

Please reply accordingly if you are interested as i furnish you with further information
Thanking you in advance for your understanding and acceptance to assist for our both mutual benefit.



Don’t send anyone a scan of your passport, Social Security card, or any other identification unless you know who you’re dealing with.  And even then, make sure it’s an entity with a legitimate and verifiable history.  Be safe!

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