Enduring Pain Is Not Noble

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Tania Amir wants to be partners

I love it when people reach out to discuss a collaboration or partnership, but I don’t like it when scam artists do.

You tell me if this sounds legitimate:


From:  Tania Amir (tania.amir8@gmail.com)
Subject:  I seek your sincere partnership 


I am formally writing to bring this Landmark Project to you. Kindly go through the attached Confidential Letter and get back to me or you can reach me on +(44) 770 030 8940 for more information.

Thank you and hope hearing from you soon.


Tania Amir


Amir & Amir Law Associates is possibly legitimate.  The domain was created in 2009 and the site itself contains the information one would want to find when looking for a lawyer.  I do wonder why a photo gallery was included, but maybe that’s just me.  Notice the phone number.  On the site, the number is.  The phone number in the email includes a +44 prefix used when calling the United Kingdom.  To call Bangladesh, where Amir & Amir is located, the call prefix is +11.

No, I did not download the attached letter.  Never download unsolicited attachments.  It’s generally not a safe move.

I will not take Tania up on this kind offer.  You shouldn’t, either.  There are too many red flags.


Another deployed soldier scam

Once again, a “deployed soldier” has reached out for my help.  When will these crooks ever learn?


From: Capt. Kate Car Lee (fslship@auk.co.kr)

Subject: Reply Asap

I know you will be surprise to read my email  Please dont be skeptical to reply me. My name is Cpt Kate Carr Lee Carr Lee. I am a member of the US ARMY medical team deployed to Iraq because of the current ISIS problems. I discovered trunk boxes containing American dollar bills. I have deposited two of these boxes with a security company here in Iraq. Am looking for a trust worthy individual who will assist me to receive the funds in his country before l will come over and join the person. Please, I want this to be between you and me since I am still in the service. To prove my sincerity, you are not sending me any money because most of these scams are all about sending money.
For reference click the link below
Please send me the following below.
1. Full Name…
2. Address….
3. Occupation…
4. Age……….
5. Your Telephone Number.
As soon as i received these information i will get back to you.
Best Regards
Cpt Kate Carr Lee



Yes, she will get back to you to request more of your information before she steals your money.

Be safe.


Our debit cards were cloned

We were having a regular Saturday.  We’d just finished breakfast and were about to head out to tackle our usual weekend errands.  I logged in to our bank pay a few bills online and found our checking account empty.  Someone had cloned our debit card and cleared out all but a few dollars.  We felt sick, shocked, and angry.  We were careful with our card and only used it in shops we trusted.   It wasn’t enough.

The criminal withdrew the full amount allowed by law in two separate transactions in two different counties.

We called the bank to report it, but since it was the weekend, we had to wait until Monday for a full investigation. We called Costco because it was the last place we used the debit card.  Costco reps apologized and promised a full investigation.  We went to the police department to report it.  The officer took our report and told us we to report the second transaction to a different county because the crime occurred there.  The second county tried to blow us off, and the dispatcher taking the call seemed annoyed when we explained what the officer first police department advised.  When a detective called us back, he suggested that one of our children or friends took our card, used it, and returned it without our knowledge.  ‘It’s almost impossible for someone to steal your money without your debit card.’

We called every creditor we’d planned to pay that week and reported the fraud.  We needed extensions and unfortunately, late fees.

We did the right things and felt like no one cared or wanted to help.  Thankfully, we were not alone.  Several customers were robbed that same week and the bank responded with a quickness.  The bank returned our money, but the criminals are still at large.

We cannot always prevent fraud, but we can take steps to protect ourselves and at least recover our lost funds.

  • Check your accounts often
  • Do not use your debit card at an ATM or at checkout if the scanner does not look right
  • If fraud is discovered, report it immediately.  Call your bank and the police.
  • Do not let the person your report the incident to brush you off.  You are a victim and deserve full cooperation.

Be safe.

More fake shipping/receiving job postings

There are quite a few fake shipping/receiving jobs in my inbox this week. In general, they all promise decent to high salaries for receiving packages at your address and shipping them to another address.  This type of position sets you up as a  potential fall guy.  You’ll either receive stolen items or crooks will steal your money or banking information when they have you deposit your paycheck and wire them the overage.

Look out for messages from Harper Michael, Vladimir McBride, Guy Dixon, and Levi Foley.


Subject:   Job offer (some random number)

Good day.

This letter is a request to your application posted in CareerBuilder and we would like you to take our new HOME-BASED position.

A national & international group is searching a part-time shipping/receiving Administrator. The job demands working 2-3 hours per day at most on the PC. The job is consistent and the working hours are variable. The job is open to those people who can work by themselves.

Responsibilities: receiving and transferring incoming items, keeping documents for all shipping & receiving activities, packaging and planning pick up of all outcome goods.
Monthly salary is about $1,500.

Requirements: 21+ years of age, permanent access to Internet.

In case interested please reply with data requested below so as to confirm we have your name and other details correctly.

– First and last name:
– Country, State:
– Your Contact number:

Please note: If we do not call you your resume will be preserved in our system to consider you in future.

Subject:  Well-paying job

Hello ! The mail forwarding team is looking for shipping/receiving Clerk.

No enrollment fee. The average monthly income is $1500.

Job Duties and responsibilities:

– Must be able to work on flexible schedules – the position is home-based
– Receive and mail incoming shipments. Auditing incoming shipments for damages.
– Complete all paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.

– Applicants must be mature – 21 years and older, able to work independently, prioritize the work in an accurate and efficient manner, permanent access to Internet.

When interested please reply with information requested below so as to make sure we have your name and other details correctly.

– Your Full Name:
– Your Country, State:
– Your Contact number:

Please note: If you do not receive a call or email from our manager, your information will be kept in our record for future consideration.
Thank you.

Subject:  Job offer (random number)

We found your profile through recruiting agency.
Tell us, do you want to take three thousands $ a month doing home-based work?
We are looking for Mailing Assistant in our company that has to inspect the content of the boxes are delivered home, make reports and send them to the destination.
To fulfil that work no special skill is required. It is enough to be careful, honest and reliable person. This is a full-time vacancy that will take up to 40 hours weekly.
We form official employment, benefits package and health benefits.
If you are interested in the vacancy, please let us know about that in your response � We will email you the details.

P.S. We are in search for a Mailing Assist in the nearest time, so We ask you to reply to us within the next 24 hours after you got this email, otherwise We will have to consider the other candidatures.



Remember, if someone wants you to receive and ship items from your home, it’s not a legitimate position,  Be safe.

Sherrie Thompson: Improving Her Health with a Plant-Based Diet

I’m so happy and proud of this interview with Official Team Green!

Team Green


Sherrie found that the vegan lifestyle is helping improve her health!

What brought you to the vegan lifestyle? 

I never really liked meat growing up, but it was served and the family rule included cleaning my plate.  I went meatless multiple times over the years, but went back to an omni way of eating.  I gave up meat again a few years ago but did not become vegan until 2014.

How has a vegan diet improve your health.

My triglycerides and LDL cholesterol dropped dramatically.  Triglycerides as a vegetarian were at 123 in March 2014 and dropped to 78 by April 2015.  My LDL was always at a decent level, but it dropped to 46, bringing my total cholesterol to 164.  My energy level increased somewhat, which is a big deal since Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome tend to sap energy. I lean toward the anemic side, and my…

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Fake Facebook, YouTube, and Skype missed notifications

My inbox is full lately.  The spammers are ramping up their efforts through the holiday season because they think we’ll fall for the strange offers and notifications because of holiday brain.  Let’s prove them wrong.

In addition to the usual lottery and job scams, missed Skype, YouTube, and Facebook messages are the main topics.  The messages are short and include a link to the fake site the scammer wants you to log in on.

Here are some of the ones I’ve received.


From:  Skype Team (dissentsyq71@schesslitz.de)

Subject:  Delayed mails bagged

Delayed mail.

View mails (link removed).


Skype team


From:  YouTube Notify (globh@proderm.de)

Subject: You have deferred mails embodying

You have deferred mail.

View mails (link removed).

Warm wishes,

Youtube Team


From:  Youtube (drh@styl-pack.fr)

Subject:  You have missed notifications proved
You have missed notification. 

View notifications (link removed)

Very truly yours

Youtube service


From:  Facebook Notify (drh@styl-pack.fr)

Subject:  Hi.  You have deferred mails underlining.

View mails (link removed).

Best regards

Facebook service


If you receive a similar message, please don’t click the link.  Open the site in a new window and login there.

Be safe.