Sherrie Thompson: Improving Her Health with a Plant-Based Diet

I’m so happy and proud of this interview with Official Team Green!

Team Green


Sherrie found that the vegan lifestyle is helping improve her health!

What brought you to the vegan lifestyle? 

I never really liked meat growing up, but it was served and the family rule included cleaning my plate.  I went meatless multiple times over the years, but went back to an omni way of eating.  I gave up meat again a few years ago but did not become vegan until 2014.

How has a vegan diet improve your health.

My triglycerides and LDL cholesterol dropped dramatically.  Triglycerides as a vegetarian were at 123 in March 2014 and dropped to 78 by April 2015.  My LDL was always at a decent level, but it dropped to 46, bringing my total cholesterol to 164.  My energy level increased somewhat, which is a big deal since Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome tend to sap energy. I lean toward the anemic side, and my…

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