I Have ICD-10 Fibromyalgia M79.7

This post from Ever So Gently says exactly how I feel about the new, formal recognition of Fibromyalgia by the health care industry. It’s a good read.

Ever So Gently

I’ve been excited about this news: On October 1, 2015, fibromyalgia was finally officially recognized as an official diagnosis in the new ICD-10 list of codes being adopted across the U.S. This is the beginning of the medical community being forced to take a look at what Fibromyalgia sufferers have long known: that what we endure is a real medical condition and is biologically based deserving of its own unique, individual, singular diagnostic code.

We are now, in the new system, able to use the diagnostic code: “Fibromyalgia (M79.7).”

Until now the ICD-9 list of diagnostic codes has NOT listed a specific code for Fibromyalgia. Instead doctors have been using “Myalgia and myositis, unspecified (729.1),” which includes any disorder causing muscle pain or inflammation. As we sufferers have long known, muscle pain and inflammation are a big part of Fibromyalgia but are only part of it, and there is so much more to this…

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