Customer Service Evaluator

Another day, another fake job listing.  Dwain Smith, I see you and I’m not falling for it.

From:  Dwain Smith (
Subject:  part time position !!!

Customer Service Evaluator involves evaluating and commenting on customer service, undetected, in a wide variety of stores. The reports provide business with unbiased reviews from a customer standpoint. This allows businesses to identify problems which might result in unhappy customers and loss of sales. Customer Service Evaluator have a great responsibility and are paid accordingly. As an Observer, you will have a flexible schedule and hours since it is a part time program.

Your commission per task is $200.00. Payment in form of a certified check will be sent to you for each task. This is a legitimate position. If you are genuinely interested in the opening,, please provide your name, address and cell number so that payment for your first task can be mailed out to you.

Please note that you can work from any location in the United States.


Dwain Smith
Recruiting Manager
Century Research LLC
23 East 33rd Street
New York, NY, 10016


There is a Century Research, LLC, but it’s in Secaucus, NJ, not New York.  Certified check scams are old school and used to steal goods, information, or cash from the recipients.  In a job scam, checks are either made out for a larger amount and the recipients instructed to deduct the amount owed and to send the rest to a third party.

Notice Dwain asks for a cell number and not a home phone.  He also offers to send the first task right away without an interview.  This is a red flag.  The rate per task with payment via certified check is a red flag.  A company name with an address that does not match at is a red flag.  Dwain’s email address is not a business address and does not have the  business anywhere within the email; red flag.  There are two titles for the same position, Customer Service Evaluator and Observer – which is it?  Whichever it is, this is another red flag.

Stay Far away from this one.


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