Fraudulent Operations Supervisor position

Yes, another fake job lead to share.  I share because scammers hope victims and potential victims will stay quiet and not warn others.  I’ll shout their names from the rooftops and share as many times as necessary if it will help someone.

Here’s the message I received in its entirety.


From: Fuller Carter ( (Note:  this is a Yahoo Japan email address)

Subject:  Equal opportunity , (5829012406)

Vacancy ID: Operations Supervisor.

Area of activity: Advertising company.

Job Status: Full-Time/Part-Time

Wage: $70K.

Placement: In every US state.


We are currently accepting applications for the full-time permanent position of Project Administrator for our Engineering Services Department. (Note:  This position has two titles.)


The position combines supervising overall coordination of normal projects with the coordination of particular aspects of larger projects under the direction of the Head of Department. The work also calls for Proposal Development and Project Execution.

You will be expected to maintain the standards of the project at all times, meeting project targets while fulfilling and superseding client expectations.


– US national only.
– 7+ years� work experience.
– Bachelor�s degree or higher.
– A broad understanding of logistics is crucial in addition to the ability to run projects across teams. – Computer literate with knowledge of basic business software like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
– The successful candidate will also possess first rate oral and written communication skills.

If you are interested, please reply with your resume.


‘Fuller Carter’ kept the listing vague enough to seem legitimate and probably changed things up enough to make it seem different from other fraudulent offers.  A Yahoo Japan sendee email address with a Gmail address for responses and the change in position title from Operations Supervisor to Project Administrator within the listing are all huge red flags.

Lazy work, whoever you are.


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