Simon and his fake shipping job

Oh, Simon.  You think I don’t know about you.  Your name changes, but the game is the same.  You tell me about a part0time job with a great salary and think I’ll forget everything I’ve learned (and am still learning) about scammers.  You tried, though, and that means I’m going to share what you shared with me.


From:  Simon Torres (

Subject:  Find new work , (92571660729)


This message is a request to your resume that we found in CareerBuilder and we would like you to try for our new FREELANCE position.

A state & international team is seeking a part-time shipping/receiving Operator. The job demands working 2-3 hours a day at most on the PC. The job is consistent and the schedule is variable. The position suits those people who can work by themselves.

Job Description: receiving and sending incoming packages, maintaining documents for all shipping & receiving activities, packaging and managing picking up of all outcome goods.
Monthly income is nearly $1,500.

Requirements: 21+ years of age, permanent access to Internet.

When interested please reply with information requested below so as to make sure we have your name and other information correctly.

– Full name:
– Country of residence, State:
– Contact number:

Please note: In the event we do not call you your resume will remain in our system to consider you in future.


Does anyone have permanent access to the Internet?  Nope.

I won’t let scammers keep me from finding the perfect home-based position and neither should you.  Career Builder does attract scammers, but so do other job search sites.  It’s up to us to know the difference between legitimate and fraudulent inquiries.

Good luck and be safe.


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