Fake Marketing position

Fake jobs ads and offers set my teeth on edge.  It’s hard enough to find legitimate home-based positions with so many scams muddying the waters.  It’s even more difficult for companies to believe that qualified candidates for telecommuting options exist when so many fake positions and unqualified candidates try to jump on every offer.  That’s a post for another day. Today’s post is about a fake job lead that’s potentially a scammy home business lead.


From:  Marketing Dept. (support@digitalbinaryoptions.net)

Subject:  Rare Job Opportunities


Unfortunately one of our valued team members have

recently left our team, this means we have a rare opening

in out corporation.

This position offers a starting salary of $250,500, plus

An outstanding benefits package tailored specifically to


Learn More Here … 

You do not need any experience or qualifications, only

a willingness to learn, a few hours out of your day, and

an internet connection.

Sound like you?

Apply Now!

There is only one space available and it will be filled

quickly, so we recommend applying today.




85026 Phoenix


First, there is no $250,000 position that does requires no experience or education.  This should be the biggest and clearest red flag in the message.

Second and third, all of the links included in the email point to different pages of Goldbar One, which offers small business software (lead generation, shopping cart software, merchant accounts, and the like) and an affiliate program.  Goldbar Enterprises, LLC is based in Florida according to the administrator information.  According to the email, Mary is based in Phoenix, Arizona.  According to a quick address search, the address at the bottom of the email does not exist.  1710 East Indian Road does exist, but not at that zip code.

The fourth red flag is the original email Mary sent the message from.  Digital Binary Options offers guides on binary options trading strategy.  There is no mention of Mary, the high paying position, or Goldbar Enterprises, LLC.

This scammer almost covered the bases for reeling in job seekers. but Mary – or whoever the scammer is – has no fear of potential victims who do their homework.  The scammers wants people who click quickly with minimal provocation.  Don’t ever click job or business leads with minimal provocation.  Keep your eyes open for inconsistencies and big promises. Listen to that voice that tells you to wait a minute.

Until next time.


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