Who’s blowing up your spam inbox this week?

The spam folder is a blessing and curse.  It’s awesome to see how well my email provider filters the emails and a curse because sometimes I cannot look away.  Yes, I see spam as a form of entertainment as times, especially when a spammer is determined to get my attention.

Last week, my inbox floweth over with messages from Russel Neilson of  YourSuccessMatters.com.  While multiple Google and Bing searches resulted in information on YourSuccessMatters.net, YourSuccessMatters.info, and multiple links to student success hips and hints, nothing about Nierlsen and this payment that I must click a link to verify. Since I don’t click randomly, Nielsen is out of luck.

The various subject lines he used include –

  • Approval of Payment
  • RE: Your Application Has been Accepted
  • Re:  Your Account Has Been Denied
  • Re: Sorry
  • Urgent Message About Google
  • Your deposit requires verification
  • Approved Transaction Amount
  • I sent you $500
  • Your payment has been approved
  • Your check is waiting
  • Congratulations!  You’ve made a commission
  • Alert:  please fill form

Nielsen isn’t the only one sending these messages.  Tim Knight, Rachel Eddie O’Connor, and Brian Gene are also with YourSuccessMatterscom and desperate for my attention. Joanne Sierra, Stacy, and Jim Fererra  have sent messages with the same subject lines from LinearSuccessFormula.com.   David S. and Harley, sent them from AcceleratedResultsFormula.com.  I don’t know what list my addy is on, but oh, man, do these people want my attention.

Are they blowing up your inbox?


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