Sometimes all you need is coffee

One of the perks of telecommuting is the ever ready coffee.  Another perk is the offer to try various coffee drinks for review.  I was offered the chance to try single-serve espresso capsules at home and jumped at the chance.  I mean, why not?  I have an espresso machine, but sometimes I honestly don’t have the time – or energy – to measure and pack before brewing.  When folks from Gourmesso offered me a chance to try their products, I jumped on it.  I mean, who would say no to coffee?  Not this workaholic for sure.

If you like Nespresso, you’ll love Gourmesso.  These single-serve capsules are compatible with original Nespresso machines and offer the same delicious flavor and quality as Nespresso capsules, but at a much better price. A serving of a Gourmesso drink is at least 30 cents cheaper than an Nespresso serving.  The budget says yes to better prices; the taste buds don’t taste a difference.

I won’t forget my first Nespresso experience.  The husband and I were walking around the cookware section of Southern Season and he commented on a delicious coffee fragrance.  A clerk called us over and offered a cup of Nespresso Kazzar. It was delicious and left me wanting more.  I did not have that experience again until I tried Gourmesso’s Etopia Blend Forte.  In addition to the perfect flavor and intensity, I loved that I didn’t have to leave home to have it.  I’m hooked.

Look at this fantastic cup!  Don’t you want to taste it?


Check out my Examiner column for a detailed review on the full Gourmesso line and where to get some.

Now, that the coffee break is over, it’s time to get back to work.


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