Investment offer from a total stranger online? Sure! Not really.

One of the things that makes me shake my head is when smart people fall for obvious scams. Are they going through bad times?  Not on top of their games?  Ignoring the signs in hopes that this one is real?  I don’t know what motivated them to play along, but I feel for them, when the scam artist takes the victim’s money or information and run with it.  I fell for two job scams when I was desperate for work.  I did the research and the scammers fell through the cracks.  I also fell victim to an Ebay scammer, but that’s another story for another time.

I don’t know anyone personally who’ve fallen for an investment scam, but people do fall for them in a big way.  Just watch an episode of American Greed.  It’s infuriating and disgusting.  Here’s one investment offer that screams scam from the get go.

From:  Oleg Lysenko (

Subject:  Investment

Funds Investment And Management Proposal Let me use the liberty of this medium to inform you that my principal is interested in investing his bond as a silent business partner in your company. He would like to invest in private sector projects with an established company in any project(s) which are already in the market and have market value or new company requiring the injection of huge funds, provided there are lots of opportunities available, taking into proper consideration the Return on Investment (ROI) based on a ten (10) year strategic plan. Kindly indicate your interest in my client’s proposition by furnishing me with your Bio data, business/personal contact details and any other information/detail that may help in the actualization of the impending investment portfolio: Regards, Oleg Lysenko

Remember, ask questions, do your research, and be safe.


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