Is the IM Support Team hounding you?

I took a peek at my spam folder and found it overflowing with messages from various members of the IM Support Team.  Lisa Backer, Brian Teller, and Tim Sheenan all wrote to me multiple times.  Some messages inform me of deposits waiting for me, others of missed transactions, and apologies for multiple messages and/or missed transactions.  Have you received these messages?  Tempting, aren’t they?  I mean, who wouldn’t like an extra $500-$4,250 without really working for it?

The messages and promises of quick cash are from, a site hosted in the middle of the US that lists Time Warner Cable and its webhost as administrative contact.  No, that’s not a red flag at all.  Other than Forbidden 403 messages, there is not much to find when it comes to this site or these people.  The best bet is to delete the messages and move on.

Be safe.


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