Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Meet the Noir Naturals team

Want to know about how I work from home? Meet the Noir Naturals team! Noir Naturals is a New Orleans-based manufacturer of natural skincare and aromatherapy products. I’m proud to work with this group of talented, dedicated professionals.

Noir Naturals

Our team has grown over the years and we’d like you to meet all of us.  Charles and Everyl-Ann you may have met, but Danalyn and Sheryl are working with us, too.  We want you to know more about us, so we’ll share a little about our team throughout 2014.










Our team members will share a little more about themselves, their hobbies, and more over the next few months.  Do you have any questions for us?

To learn more about Noir Naturals, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, or Pinterest.  Not into social media?  Visit us at to learn more about our team, products, travel schedule, and what else we’re up to.

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