Fraudulent job offer from China

I don’t speak Chinese.  I barely speak Spanish.   But a spammer from China decided to offer me a job.   I’m not the Grammar Police, but still.


Subject:  Job offer: (ID: U815V0321545223)

Good day !

We are searching for persons who are eager to work from their computers in their home. We will provide you with the text from our customer(s) who need their important data edited so that it will read properly for English speaking individuals, and send it back to us.

Payment: by the work
Compensation: $8 for 1 Kb. (1,024 symbols) translated.
Payment time: every month, last business day of each month. (In the US, business days are only Monday thru Friday)
Pay per month is dependant upon scope of work completed.

For example: If you edit 6-7 Kb of text a day you will get about $1000 per month.

Work requirements:

– Must be a US national or have an applicable work permit.
– Have perfect organizational abilities.
– Attention to detail.
– Computer skills and experience, including email.
– Must be at least 22.

Those interested in this opportunity should transfer their contact information to this email . We generally answer within 2 business days, sometimes earlier.

Best regards.


I see this and think the job duties include translating spam like this into English so the scam is harder to spot.  Nice try.

Have you received this one?


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